KYC & Quiz Announcement

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Thanks everyone for participating in the KYC! We have been working hard with our partner carefully reviewing all the applications in the past two weeks. We received many inquiries with regards to applicants’ privacy, information security, the transparency, the steps going forward and so on. We will answer them as much as possible.

1. After the process, we will definitely expunge your identity information both in Typeform platform (which we used to collect your information) and our servers (which we used to integrate with our KYC provider). All personal data will only be hosted securely by our KYC provider, Cynopsis Solutions, which is a RegTech Company founded and based in Singapore.

2. As of writing (05-19), we have about ~23k cleared applications and ~15k pending, the latter of which need manual reviewing and the team is working really hard on those cases. If unfortunately you are rejected, we will try to provide reasons, but considering the large volume we can’t make this guarantee. Most of the cases it should be one or more of the following reasons:

      a. Proof of residence doesn’t match the country of residence

      b. ID doesn’t match the nationality

      c. Selfie doesn’t match the ID photo

      d. Either nationality or country of residence is in our list of restricted countries

      e. Screening hit

3. We are also conducting further reviews on already-cleared applications. There is a very low probability that  your state may be changed, but if it happens we will be extremely serious and transparent on why we make the decision (e.g. fraudulent / fake documents).

We’ve also seen some cases which we hadn’t foreseen before the process. Following are some new rules and clarifications

1. We’ve seen duplicate KYC applications of the same person using multiple Telegram accounts. This is not allowed and please reach out to our admin if you are doing this, otherwise we will reject all your applications.

2. If you are using the same Ethereum address for different applications (e.g. for you and your friends), we will handle it correctly with more personal cap during the token sale.

On quiz

The quiz portion of the KYC process will be open on Tuesday 5/22, from 12:00am to 11:59pm PST. We welcome everyone who've passed the KYC to take the quiz. For those whose KYC status is pending by 5/22(quiz opening day), you can also take the quiz, but the score counts only when you pass the KYC.  Similar to the KYC process, the quiz information will be distributed through our KYC bot. After finishing the quiz you should also be able to retrieve your quiz completion. You may check the quiz scores when the quiz session is closed. 

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can Syrian national pass KYC?

great AMA with icodrops 🚀 🚀 🚀
And thanks for using the steemit blockchain for the announcement channel!!!! Blockchaining the world !!! 👍👍👍

fuck quizzes fuck, can i get a note from my psychiatrist and apply for special consideration fml

These guys just know how to run the show excellently. This is about the best run KYC and ICO process since 2017.

Thanks for the update! I passed KYC however I'm very happy you're making this ICO pretty fair for investors regardless of their background.

Good luck to everyone participating and also anyone currently going through the process of trying to get their KYC application processed at the last minute.

Thanks, sounds good.

Fair enough thank you.

Fairly play great

Italian translation is here. La traduzione italiana è qui

Traduction Française ici

Looking forward to do the quiz! So we only have an 12 hour window to do the Quiz and stay in the race to get whitelisted for the public sale?

Just like QuarkChain, which promotes innovative projects, the ICO process also adopts innovative ways to maintain fairness and objectivity. QuarkChain's technology is excellent, and the future is big growth. I have participated in many ICOs, but the ICO I want to join is QuarkChain. It is a great honor to be given the opportunity to participate in ICO.

Thank you, good luck

Hopeful for the quiz! Lets make it happen!!

good luck for us lol

Can you give me the time for Australia?


5PM Tuesday to 4:59PM Wednesday AEST time.

Hi Guys! I uploaded my personal QuarkChain Quiz Reviewer for your use. Please feel free to read and forward it to your friends who are taking the Quiz in few hours! Hope all of us will pass! Cheers!

I'd like to know why i was approve when i did my KYC and today I'm rejected??

Good. Thank you very much.