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Originally there were 42k people who finished the KYC. 23.5k passed in the first place, 1.5k got rejected and 17k were left pending. The 3rd party we selected is quite strict and slow. We saw people's concern about the pending status and so we conducted the manual review process for the 17k pending applications. As a result, 8.5k passed and 6.5k were rejected. There are still 2k pending (should get results soon). So in total out of 42k people - 32k passed, 8k rejected and 2k pending. All pendings are supposed to be rejected but by manual review 8k is saved from it .We will try to upload the rejected reasons later on. Just want to let you know that no one was rejected without reason; we care about the community and we care about you. It is really hard to make everyone happy but we have tried. Most funds and other projects told us not to do an ICO as it takes lots of effort, huge risk, and lots of pain points. Still, we wanted to do that for our community. For those have been with us since early stage, you can see how the community grows organically and we are always appreciative of that. Thanks again for all your understanding, for those who submitted a contribution but failed KYC, you will still be considered in the bounty program. Again, it is just the beginning and we still have long way to go. We are glad to have all you together to help us achieve our goals.

Besides these restricted areas, there are several KYC check points:

 1. Three proof materials (ID, selfie picture and proof of residence) are clearly and readable.

 2. The faces are matched between different proof materials.

 3. ID proof agrees with the nationality of declaration;

 4. Proof of residence is consistent with the declared place of residence.

 5. If use Bills (water, electricity, telecommunications, or others) as proof of residence, the effective date must be within 3 months (from February 19, 2018);

 6. If use bank statements as proofs of residence (such as: bank statement, credit card bills, bank certificate, etc) the effective date of information must be within 6 months (start from December 19, 2017).

 7. proofs of residence must have (info. of) name, address and valid date, name is same as the one shown on ID card.


Here are some possible reasons that applications were rejected during the KYC process:

 1. The uploaded pictures/materials are too blurred.

 2. lack of a handwritten “QuarkChain” note;

 3. Proof materials missing (only uploaded ID card);

 4. Proof materials without effective time stamp;

 5. Same proof materials are filed for different accounts.

 6. Proof materials are modified by software (not the original one).

 7. Some materials need notarization (they should have such info.).

 8. Uploaded proof materials cannot open

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What's the main purpose of quarkchain?

Rejecting 8k is huge..! i nvr got rejected in whitelist...!
Atleast consider those, who have high scores and submissions..! That's totally unfair...!

what a bloody KYC. There is no proper reason on the rejection. What a Fucking KYC. Hell.

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi Guys! I uploaded my personal QuarkChain Quiz Review for your use. Please feel free to read and forward it to your friends who are taking the Quiz in few hours! Hope all of us will pass! Cheers!

It was the worst KYC.


Because you failed? I guess 😂

I have passed KYC. Waitting quiz.

I never look back Quarkchain. Instead I will invest Pchain and FANTOM, ZIL, CS. a Fucking Quarkchain KYC.

I missed the Quiz, didn't get an email notification or anything and I don't spend much time on Telegram. Does this mean I can't participate in the token sale?

is the KYC still active

I was rejected, because I'm from Serbia. I don't understand what's the problem with this country.