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Thank you all for your passion and support. We have received 800+ white paper translation requests including 10+ language!

Due to the high volume of requests, we are going to stop accepting any WP translation request. The deadline is 5/4 12am PST.

On the 4th of May, we will send one page extracted from white paper to those who pined Patrick. You’ll have ONE day to translate it and your translation will be voted by others in the same language group. 

Please Note: You cannot vote for yourself. Any translation will NOT be accepted after 24 hours. 

The top 5 will be selected and reviewed by QuarkChain group. 

Bounty Program 

Hello Community member,

QuarkChain Bounty Program is starting TODAY!

Earn QKC by 

  1. Spreading the word about QuarkChain using your ORIGINAL CONTENT (blog posts, articles, and videos) posted on TWITTER/FACEBOOK/REDDIT/MEDIUM/STEEMIT/WECHAT/WEIBO

      ● article 500 words minimum 

      ● video 1 minute minimum

  2. Translating White Paper 

  3. Being a volunteer for our Test Net

Steps to Participate:

  1.Join QuarkChain Telegram group.

  2.Send us an email with program subject( [email protected] ). Email content should include the following information:

      a.your telegram account, 

      b.web link, page view and sums up and country 

Point system:

 ● ORIGINAL CONTENT (blog posts, articles, and videos)

      LEVEL A ----- 10000 Token

      LEVEL B ----- 7000 Token

      LEVEL C ----- 5000 Token

      LEVEL D ----- 3000 Token

      LEVEL E ----- 1500 Token

      LEVEL F ----- 0 Token

● White Paper Translation 

Earn 10,000 token via translating high quality white paper.(Now we are accepting Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Mexican Spanish,Russian,French, Deutsch, العَرَبِيَّة)

●Test net volunteer

Anyone who help us debug will get extra bonus. Please check out website for more details. Awards earned will depend on the quality of the content. All contents will be reviewed by the QuarkChain team.

Bounty Program ends on the 15th of May. Test net volunteer ends time TBD. 


Really not sure why bounty levels don't tell us how you are judging levels. Also think the top levels should be worth alot more. $241 USD at ICO price according to icodrops for level A. And I'm guessing you need like 50 K views on your piece to get that and written amazingly.

Is YouTube video allowed too?

It should be, yes.

I did the translation of the Steemit White paper (Very long) in French, but your project is really in the future!

I am unfortunately not good enough to translate your WP.
Sorry our language is very complicated

Nice to see you on Steemit


My friend brought me here. May I know if I have to do KYC for bounty program?

please send me upvoting,

Are there any KYC restrictions for the Bounty Program? All countries allowed?

I need to know the same.

Interested to be a part of test-net

I e-mailed you guys with my blog submission a few days ago, but haven't heard back from you yet :(

Neither did I, but I think they're just not sending back conformation messages. There's probably alot for them to get through.

Sent the video.
Sevaev invest

Nice, but if I’m gonna write an article using steemit, how do I see my page views?

steemit escape the page view counter

please send me upvoting

Please how do one join the bounty campaign?

I uploaded my article. thanks so much fo your great project

Is kyc needed for this

This platform so far has promise to do so much, and make a fair platform where freelancers and clients can both Benefit from. Awesome informative white paper.
Go to me and get good airdop and bounty

I upload my article (notes for quiz in spanish)

I sent my article to you in the mail, I hope you got it, and it will be appreciated. Thank you for your company, I'm sure that the project has a great future!

I guess bounty is finished for article . right ?

So is content creation the only type of bounty available?

When are you guys planning to distribute bounty?

Hello! I sent you an article (8 May) but got no response. Could you tell me please on you liked?

Hello! How to check did you accept the article or not?
Do you have some spreadsheet?

No any answer for 1+ month, looks like scam project.