What is the identity of the QuarkChain that will revolutionize the blockchain?

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Let's look at QuarkChain, the mecca of innovation that has come before us. Everyone is amazed by the power of QuarkChain's technology is doing mirculous things.

QuarkChain aims to be a high-volume, peer-to-peer transaction system capable of handling millions of transactions per second to solve the scalability problem of the current main block chain.

QuarkChain will utilize Sharding to provide a massive peer-to-peer transactional system. It consists of a sharding layer that effectively distributes the data to allow high throughput and a root layer that is used to identify the first block.

Using this model, QuarkChain seeks to successfully combine the three elements of the block chain: security, decentralization, and scalability.

Key features of QuarkChain include:

Reusable two-layer block chain.
Market-oriented collaboration Guarantee security through mining.
Centralized horizontal scalability.
Efficient cross-division trading.
Simple account management with a smart wallet.

First block chain technology to support state sharding.
Turing The first block-chain sharding technology to support a complete smart contract.
The first block-chain network to support clustering as a peer
By integrating the Ethereum Virtual Machine for Smart Contract, QuarkChain can place dApp built on EVM directly into the QuarkChain Platform. QuarkChain is attractive for DApps (advertising, IOT, AI, and large data) that require high transaction rates as well as DApps that require scalability like CryptoKitties. If Ethereum can not address scalability issues in the near future, DApps can switch to QuarkChain.

The rapid growth of QuarkChain, consisting of competent teams (Qi Zhou, Founder, Zhaoguang Wang, Core Engineer, Xiaoli Ma, Research Scientist, etc.) and consultants, is expected to grow into a platform to replace Ethereum.

QuarkChain's innovation is miraculous as the emergence of bit coin 20 years ago. If you have the opportunity to participate in ICO at QuarkChain, it will be a great chance to win. In order to participate in the ICO, participants who qualify for a certain level of KYC and other qualifications will be eligible to participate in the draw. For more information, please check the link below. I wish you good luck.

         05-14-2018, HEOUNG GEUN 

For more information regarding QuarkChain:

Website: quarkchain.io
Check KYC/Whitelist details on https://t.me/QuarkChain_News
Telegram: t.me/quarkchain (84,105+)
Twitter: twitter.com/Quark_Chain
Facebook: facebook.com/quarkchain.quark.5
Medium: medium.com/@quark_30920
GitHub: github.com/QuarkChain


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