Quarkchain is Trading on KuCoin, About to Hit Binance

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Quarkchain is trading on KuCoin- https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=1tcM7 and will be trading later today on Binance- https://www.binance.com/?ref=10117792

The highly anticipated high performance blockchain, Quarkchain began trading on Kucoin earlier today. Binance just announced they will be launching trading for QKC/BTC and QKC/ETH trading pairs at 2018/06/05 4:00 AM (UTC).

This blockchain will have many of the technologies that Ethereum will have to try and implement going forward. Sharding and cross shard transactions (inter-operability)

Quarkchain will also incentivize decentralization by awarding single small nodes more power than a conventional Proof of Work consensus. This change should increase decentralization as the network grows and not vice versa.

This blockchain will also have a potential for 100K to 1M transactions per second. This will be a 2 layer system consisting of a root blockchain and a sharding layer.

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Thank you Connor I will take a look at your video tonight after dinner. I get excited when I look into coins that most people probably have not even heard of yet................@investing

Yesterday market looked much better. Today we are back at support level. It feels like it wants to break down. Perhaps if that happens it gets rid of weak hands which would eventually lead to a nice rebound. Let’s see if we hold it and reversed H&S gets confirmed. I noticed recently Binance listing a lot of new ICO’s. Seems like they are very supportive. Nice profit in QuarkCain so far. You nailed it. Let’s see if the price stays at that level once it lists on Binance.
Congratulation to @drina100!

Thanks Connor. It’s hard to go against Visa

I am a bit worried about quarkchain. The Binance listing news has pumped this coin up and the the volume is quite thin. I am afraid that if this drops it would be a free fall. Last few listings on Binance are iotx and theta as you mentioned. They did alright though and don't get me wrong because QKC is a pretty decent coin but I just feel that it might not be the best time to buy it.

Although for a long term buyer this would matter little. As you I can feel from you discussing the Quarkchain you are in for the long term. Hundred thousand tps is pretty good by all standards.

Two layered tech that can avoid 51% attack. Pooling has been discouraged and miners are incentived for their individual efforts. Thus the centralization at the secondary level can be avoided (major problems for bitcoin in this sense) - a definite game changer.

Looks pretty interesting i'm gunna have to research this one :) thanks for the info!

Quarkchain has a good fundamentals and is going to solve alot of issue faced by some blockchain network. Since QuarkChain is a high-throughput blockchain that aims to achieve millions of transactions per second (TPS), that makes it a very valuable Crypto

Hi @investing, That would be perfect news to everyone. I watched your Dtube conversation and nicely mentioned you there.

QuarkChain is a project looking to establish a transaction-focused blockchain with extremely high throughput. It aims to achieve this goal by employing a two-layer blockchain where one layer employs sharding for improved scalability and the other layer confirms transactions. The QuarkChain website claims a throughput of 2279 transactions per second achieved on the QuarkChain testnet.

The QuarkChain consists of two layers of blockchain and can think there's greatest platform. There are so many powerful technology.

that is why
QuarkChain has experienced a substantial boom in its value on exchanges where the coin is actively listed.it will have too may benefits

@investing It is a very good news for steemians, could to use those platforms to do transactions with QuarkChain.

Quarkchain is a permissionless blockchain protocol aiming to set a global commercial standard for blockchain operations by providing a high capacity peer to peer transaction system, using a dual-layered blockchain architecture that implements sharding. Quarkchain believes this technology can successfully process more than 100,000 transactions per second when fully operational, compared to speeds of nearly 2,500 transactions per second reported by Zilliqa and up to 2.5 million transactions per second claimed by Devcash. By comparison, Bitcoin and Ethereum process approximately seven and fifteen transactions per second, respectively.

This is what i loved in this blockchain....

@obaidb2 I found this post is educational. Very fast technology.
Happy to read your post.

There are many valuable things in your post. Which will work a lot. And it's a great site where millions of transactions are taking place in one second.

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Good evening @investing, what wonderful news, we hope that this semester comes loaded with good news, I hope this is just the beginning of excellent news, in this block chain.
Thanks for sharing.
Blessings :)

It will significantly promote the development of blockchain and enable a lot of applications that address real-life problems, bringing the benefits of blockchain to more people in the world.Good to see its growth.thanks for updates man

good news indeed
with the potential it have
it will be huge success

That is great news for the steemitians because Quarkchain network will remove various issuses related to tranction...
, it is having the potentional of millions of tranction per second because the fundamentals are such that it reduces centralization to some extent..

Qkc has done it,great project sir thanks a lot for sharing.

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Quarkchain will also incentivize decentralization by awarding single small nodes more power than a conventional Proof of Work consensus. This change should increase decentralization as the network grows and not vice versa.

So true! I think the distributed operating system is getting more sophisticated in delivering services where a bunch of heterogeneous computers and processors are connected in one network.

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This is a game changer great to see you wrote about this its already 15X from ico i just got 1 eth worth of quarkchain people who did not get into this just wait for a dip.

Muchas gracias por la información es muy importante ya que muchos conocemos poco de cripto que van saliendo al mercado. Saludos

Amazing news sir thank you so much for sharing,lots of love sir.

It pumped x15 compared to ICO price, what's the point in buying it right now lol :D

This is one of these icos where you can recover your losses.

I am a fresher here sir i love your videos so much sir.

people pumped up other coins instead of quark hahh

This is great news sir have a great day.

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