Things I missed

Day 44

Confirmed 9866, Recovered 1103, Deaths 250 in Ukraine.
I work from home. Go out about once in a week. Sometimes I feel like starting to forget my old lifestyle :)


I am going to take a day off tomorrow and go to visit my hometown. I desperately missed my daughter, and the upcoming visit is all I can think about in a spare minute.

I miss the feeling of sunbeams and wind on my face, and a smell of grass and flowers, and the sound of waves.

I miss the condition when I'm coming out of the gym after a good workout and a shower.

I miss sitting by the window in a cafe and looking out of the window occasionally.

I miss shopping! Those stuffy fitting rooms in crowded shopping malls.

Also, I miss our weekly farmer's markets. I can’t buy such delicious food anywhere else.

I miss the cinema and a concert hall. They have a special smell and sublime atmosphere.

I miss long walks along the streets, and the feeling when I get home and take off my high-heels. Damn, I miss my high-hills!

And I miss this ... you know... "ah, there's no place like home".

My friends are not many. But I miss them so much. I'd love to give a hug to each of them when it is safe. And I wish they all will be okay.


Hopefully, we all will have the patience for quarantine measures. We made a long way, so now we just need to be prudent for just a little while, until ... it all seems normal. Well, that's life.


Thank you for paying me a visit today, for your engagement and support!