Gardening adventure

How do you spend your time in quarantine? Usually, I travel a lot. There are months when I'm away for more than two weeks. This means that I only have plants that don't require too much attention. I have always wished to get more plants and flowers but it just doesn't work for me and I don't want to bother my friends with watering them every time I'm away. I haven't traveled for more than a month now. The Covid-19 virus made me stay at home. Now, I could finally start with my new passion - gardening at home.

But first, let me show you my plants that started blooming after many years.

I have this plant for 7 years and now, it's the first time that it blooms. Finally! I gave it a little bit more attention over the last week and this is how it says thank you.


They say that you should water them only once every two or three weeks. This poor baby was watered only once a month as it didn't bloom and only had a few leaves. I usually forgot to water it at all. A few weeks at home, proper care and here you go! This is my first flower after 8 years of having this plant! And there are many of them to come. I am so excited!


This plant doesn't require almost any attention. I water it once every two weeks, cut off brown leaves and that's it. It keeps blooming from time to time and now it makes me happy with many of those beautiful large flowers.


Today, I've started a new adventure. I'm going to plant celery, leek and spring onion in water! I've read many articles and watched many video and it should work.

This is just a first day but after a week my celery should start sprouting and I should have my spring onions in a couple of days.


I'm particularly excited about the leek. It is so expensive here and it would be great if I would succeeded growing it myself. I will transfer it to soil after a few days.


Tonight, I'm going to plant some onions and ginger too. I do not have garden and my balcony is not fit for gardening as it gets too much sun and it becomes too warm in the summer but I will continue experimenting and hopefully will be able to harvest some veggies this year.

Quarantine isn't that bad as long as you are creative and willing to learn new skills!

Thank you for visiting!


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