What To Do While in Quarantine Other Than Binge Watch Shows

in #quarantine3 years ago


(Photo by Morgan Vander Hart on Unsplash)

I know a lot of people are bored right now and a little pissed off about having to stay home especially when St Patricks Day was gonna be a great excuse to get out and hang with friends. But then that whole socially responsible feeling weighs down on our shoulders and if we prepped early enough and have some food stored up without having to wait in hour long lines at Costco (Have you seen that?!) then we are sitting at home bored, maybe even lonely.

But there is so much to do.

If this thing goes on longer than we think or hope, we might want to start preparing for the next few months. And if things get better quick then we’ll have started something we may not have made the time for without this forced stay at home.

Start a garden! Seriously. You can find soil, it’s kind of everywhere. You can find seeds or plants to start without even leaving your house. What are you eating? A sandwich with tomato? Save the seeds. Green onions? Save the little rooty part at the bottom and regrow it. There are tons of plants you’ve got at home that you can start just from what you’ve got.

So get off the couch, move your body, get some exercise, plant some seeds or restarts and feel a little better about what the future holds. Even if we’re still uncertain about what this pandemic and the market are going to do.


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