Where the Hell Are We Going As a Society?

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I'm browsing facebook this morning and I'm especially struck today by the wide and vast array of opinions. It's staggering.

These opinions and worldviews are incredibly loud and passionate and strong. People SO want change. They're so frustrated. Some are frustrated that they can't work. Some are frustrated that people have to.

People want vastly different systems.

In the past when large amoiunts of people had different opinions and desires, they just killed each other. But we're not like that anymore. So now what?

How are we going to move forward as a culture with such drastically different desires and worldviews?

The answer came to me immediately. No wonder we're experiencing a sudden STOP. 🛑

With these vastly different opinions and desires that have been crashing up against each other so violently and strongly, what else could possibly have happened?

Everyone is going to have to decide for themselves. We're not going to be able to come up with a solution that works for everybody. It's up to each of us to dream up a new way of being for ourselves during this halt and this open space we have available to us to just be. Even in the grocery store yesterday, there was this calm and quiet. Everybody was keeping to themselves. There was a quiet even in the employees.

Where are we going?

How can we make this work for all of us?

We can't. We can only make it work for ourselves individually. We have to come up with our own personal solutions for our own lives.

In this stop period we get to dream bigger and broader. We can't dream for everybody else. We can't make those people out there do anything. But we can dream to ourselves. And we can take inspired action when it comes.

Our own lives are the only things we have any control over.

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