QuantumPay - Good idea And Strong Team [Reveiw]

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Quantum Pay is a decentralized and computerized banking engine that acts as a financial services platform.

One of these fairly new systems is the digital Bitcoin currency. Bitcoin in some ways serves as the heir to a long line of failed virtual currencies, but many people have the hope that this old system will ultimately prove the potential for stability and virtual economic independence of the real world system.

Using Quantum Pay, clients have contact to an app wallet to be launched by the team and facilities such as payments, air-time, bill payments, hotel bookings, game credits and online shopping at a number of dealers who admit digital currency.

Services included like shop, buy phone load, pay bills, book hotels, game credits, and send money to any major bank or remittance center - all from our QPAY App.


By using QPAY, customers have access to the app wallet that will be launched by the team immediately and services such as money transfers, air-time, bill payments, hotel bookings, game credits, online haul and online shopping for national traders who receive digital currency.

Quantum Pay app is where you can put your QPAY token and etherium also. Soon, upgraded version will include bitcoin and other digital currency.

Services included like shop, buy phone load, pay bills, book hotels, game credits, and send money to any major bank or remittance center, all from our QPAY App.


  1. Simple to Use and Convenient to Transact- Implement dealings without the requirement to synchronise with the blockchain and is user-friendly interface.
  2. Self-organized private key, better security-coded private key is stored in the immediate local sandbox structure. To avoid the loss or theft of features, it offers multiple folder backup options.
  3. Market Tracking and Signals - Global market checks on sponsored statistics by continuous synchronization with digital market sites. A flexible ready price situation will not miss an important market setting.
  4. Can be used online or offline- The QPAY application can be accessed online and not even connected to the internet, QPAY SMS Operators will manage transactions customer.


  • TokenI - QPAY
  • Platform - Ethereum
  • Type - ERC20
  • Total supply: -


  • 60% – Selfdrop Donation
  • 20% – Development
  • 10% – Team
  • 5% – Bounty Rewards
  • 5% – Community


  • January 2018 – Concept and research
  • April 2018 – QuantumPay is born
  • May 2018 – Team recruitment
  • June 2018 – Official launch of website and whitepaper, smart contract deployment, and selfdrop, bounty.

  • July 2018 – Donation Round 2 Start
  • August 2018 – Listing Exchanges & Partnership
  • December 2018 – Launching Demo application of QuantumPay
  • Q2 2019 – Official launch of BETA VERSION QuantumPay Application, listing of merchants where can be use QPAY.




Website : https://quantumpay.co/

Whitepaper : https://quantumpay.co/QUANTUMPAYWP.pdf

Telegram : http://t.me/quantumpayQPAY

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/QuantumPay/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Quantum_Pay

Medium : https://medium.com/@quantumpay

USERNAME BTC: lequocvuongpro

URL PROFILE BTC: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1370336

ETH WALLET: 0x0b3a3B81c42C7327Dd4c7FB54a641a50a92e0891 

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