A Quantum Computer and it's Parallel Universes

in quantum •  10 months ago

Quantum Computers represent our future problem solvers which can in one mindset be looked as computations in parallel universes with each returning to form solutions together.

Quantum states such as the past, future and present theoretically exist in the same moment.

Here's an interesting video I recently watched on our Quantum future and theories which could bring a heated debate but extremely thought provoking.

-- originate

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Quantum computing is gonna be a game changer in a few more years. Very exciting times ahead.

LOl theortically my ass all things exist right now we choose what we experiance

why would i give my power away and listein 2 pepole who alot of the time cant even agree on tons of stuff sides fyi ur popular mainstream science IS RIGGED AS FUCK

It is informative and valuable. Post. Thanks dear sharing this post..

That is amazing, so amazing that this idea may be a reality. Great post @originate

Posting yg mengagumkan @berasal

Yes @krystal-paws lol our ass is at the center of everything 🤩🤩


Is quantum computing lol google vs nasa