Benevolent quantum energy heals the body

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Quantum physics is to do with how small particles like particles of light and parts of DNA react and, as such, can only be observed by an electron microscope. But these phenomena also occur in very large objects. Everything that happens on Earth seems to be random and can be plotted on a graph as a bell shaped curve which you would see if you were to throw a dice 1000 times. There would be a consistency of randomness and at present it is an accepted “truth” of the way things work” . A statistical curve.

Each galaxy in the universe has its own physics. Some are similar to ours but all are different. They all move in a perfect harmony defying accepted “laws” .The creative energy which created universes is biased though. It would be consistently throwing up same sequence of numbers no matter how many time the dice was thrown. It is beyond the realm of randomness. It shows there had to be an intelligent design to creation. The universe is benevolently designed for Life. This energy that glues the galaxies together over hundreds of billion of years is like a giant quantum hand that keeps them all moving together despite the current laws of physics saying they should not. It's like rolling the nr 6 on a dice a thousand times :) Intelligent design. I call it Prime Creator design. A benevolent force.

Earth exists and it has Life. Its uniqueness lies in having the free choice as an option for LIfe expression. And each of us has the wisdom of the ages inside us stored in our DNA, the wisdom of the galaxy. Not just of the Earth. There were many planets before Earth where benevolence of life was expressed without free will and the essence of it has been seeded in all liife on our Earth to develop further in a free will paradigm. It’s a long game. Other universes will benefit from the free will benevolence essence grounded here on Earth as a pilot scheme.

Physics has an attitude of benevolence:) Over a decade ago two men: a Scottish scientist Scott Strachan and Todd Ovocaitys, a medical doctor did an experiment and created a quantum controllable event.They created an invention that creates quantum energy . They havee done it by opposing laser energies out of phase through a quantum holographic lens . An actual shift of time occurs and a quantum soup that is in that energy, although it is very small is controllable. Nicolay Tesla created quantum energy but he couldn't control it. This was a first time such quantum energy was produced that can be controlled.What they did next and continued over the decade shows the quantum factor.They applied that quantum soup to biology. And every time they imbued this energy to biological test they got healing. What are the odds of that!..An invented energy on the planet applied to physical body and good things happen. A pattern of benevolence is clear.

All new inventions tend to get weaponized. This energy won’t allow it. It can't be weaponized as it is benevolent. And it is PHYSICS. When such produced quantum energy becomes widely used it will fly in the face of logic and 3d and the “way things work”. And the Earth will graduate in the benevolence stakes. Love and physics will become unified.

This post was inspired by listening to Kryon.

First posted on my GalacticWoman website


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