Logistics 2.0 Revolution from Quantreum

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The Logistics and Transportation Industry has always been a competitive industry at any point of time and around the globe. However, this industry has not witnessed significant changes over the last year. The modernization of this industry is the need of the hour given the rapid technological advancement and the advent of e-Commerce which has an impact on the consumer behavior patterns and expectations. With these unprecedented changes in the industry, Quantreum is enabling the trend by introduction of a revolutionary idea, “Logistics 2.0”, whereby the transportation industry will witness the next level of revolution with the help of Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Quantreum Joining Hands with Lorrysewa

Quantreum has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Lorrysewa, a company that is introducing new concepts to solve problems such as better connectivity and communication between drivers, giving the drivers ability to set their own prices and complete driver management by the operators etc. Lorrysewa team, with more than 20 years of experience in this industry, is introducing complete support on Logistics and Transportation side.


The core concept of bringing Lorrysewa in the picture is to complete the model for the Logistic 2.0 whereby a lorry will be equipped with the IoT sensors and the job tracking details will be saved in the distributed ledger which comes under Blockchain.

Some revolutionary changes with Logistics 2.0 model are listed below:

  1. Improved Tracking of Vehicles with Fence Mapping: The vehicle used for transportation will be equipped with advance tracking system which will give complete control to the vehicle owner and he will be able to do the fence mapping for the vehicle as well. Hence, if the vehicle crosses the fence, a notification will be sent to the vehicle owner.

  2. Complete Job Tracking: A delivery by a vehicle will be tracked from the commencement of the journey. Job details such as the type of material, source/ destination, start time/ end time, image of products and product tagging will get stored in Blockchain and a Job QR code will get generated to check the current status of job.

  3. QR Code Tracking from Blockchain: A job will get stored in Blockchain and QR code will be shared with all the respective parties to check the current status of the job. This details of the job status will be non-hackable and unalterable since it will be coming directly from the Blockchain itself and loaded inside the Blockchain from the IoT sensors.

  4. Sensor equipped Lorries: A lorry will be equipped with the sensors which will provide the real time job status and also look for the driving habits of a driver such as average speed for a month for the driver etc.
    Apart from the above mentioned, Quantreum team is continuously looking into other technological advancements in the logistic sector to achieve exponential growth. With this Quantreum will soon be launching its own lorry booking portal which will enable its users to book lorry on the go using the QTM coins.