Why would you follow a resteem service?

in quality •  11 months ago

Resteem services are just another form of pollution on this blockchain. They follow steemians, in the hope that they'll get followed back. Now this mutual following relationship is very onesided. The resteem service does not read their feed (and if they do, as they're following half of the steemit community, so their experience is not entirely different to that of those who simply read the "New" section). You, however read all the content they throw at you. They profit quite nicely of your posts. I did some calculations a few moons ago, and worked out that they gain about $0.003SBD for every 100 posts they throw at you (please read the assumptions I've made in this post). 

By following them, not only do you ruin your feed with all this promoted content but you provide the crapitalists with just another way to wreck everything. People have grown a bit tired with the fact that being successful (in getting publicity) with a bid bot, costs many hundreds – if not thousands – of STEEM and SBD. Resteem services offer a relativley high return (in terms of viewers) as they resteem to many tens of thousands of people – and the odds are in your favour that people will read your post. This means that those who can't actually write, decide to hammer out (or more often that not, they "borrow" content from elsewhere) content that no-one can actually argue is anywhere near "good," this means that they get publicty and are incentivised to continue to pretend to produce something of value. 

Let's make this network a little bit better. 

Stop incentivizing those who cannot write. 

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