The Quadrant Protocol for Data Market Regulation

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It is a well-known fact that the data might be easily changed or faked. Data consumers tend to ask for guarantees about the information quality they purchase from the third parties. It is of a crucial importance for those companies whose businesses are connected to the data usage to possess the reliable information. Therefore data consumers are ready to meet legal requirements in order to protect their businesses from frauds.

Another question that should be raised is that data producers more often don't pay attention the distribution of information they sell. They are paid for the data they provide just once, when they sell it to the data vendors. But data vendors in its turn can resell the same data to different customers. Data producers posses no technical capability to control the information distribution, and for which purposes it is used. Data market suffers from the lack of distribution regulations. The Quadrant Protocol is supposed to change the current market situation by emerging transparency and safety to all levels of data sharing.

The current state of the data economy

The Quadrant Protocol working on the blockchain technology facilitates the data economy with the trust by offering the history activities records. The Quadrant Protocol provides users with the information about the data origin. Data market transparency it is what the users are expect. Nobody wants to pay for the same service twice. The economy situation can be changed if the trust among all data market participants occurs.


Within the frames of the Quadrant Protocol information is checked, aggregated and verified. When data consumers receive information, they are obliged to confirm that the data have reached the end user. If one of the members of the chain will announce that the information is lost or it doesn't satisfy the customer's demands, then the parties have to communicate in order to regulate the situation.

Core elements of the Quadrant network

The Quadrant Protocol represents the following operation principles:

1. Nurseries. The Atomic Data Producers (ADPs) provides system with unique data. Atomic Data Producers are responsible for Stars creation. Stars are raw date. Stars are supposed to combine into Constellations.

2. Pioneers. The Data Vendors who are in charge for data products creation within the Quadrant network.

3. Elons. Developers of new products and services, using already existed data products.

4. Guardians. Keep information in safety and provide verification data.


Token Sale Plan

The target market segment is a group of companies, who are in the data starvation. As a decentralized system it provides companies with the confidence in obtained data. Quite often data can't be transmitted to the end user directly. There is no producer who is able to provide users with the whole information. Therefore data are needed to be aggregated in order to present the value. The greatest difficulty occurs when even the Aggregators don't possess all the required information. In these circumstances the end user is obliged to purchase data from different Aggregators, that might have the same sources and provide user with the same data. This is time-consuming and requires much attention. The Quadrant Protocol is created to exclude the third party influence on the data marketplace.



This review by Bonanza Kreep is all opinion and analysis, not investment advice.


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