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Our CEO Mike Davie had the opportunity to sit down for an AMA session with the Media Protocol community to announce our partnership as it is briefed here. The discussion was lively, while we have enjoyed the participation of our friends from KENETIC CAPITAL and ICON Foundation. Below you can find the highlights of the AMA. The discussion was moderated by Media Protocol’s CEO James Tabor.

As promised we have a great offer for Media Protocol members in order to inaugurate this promising partnership, offering 20% bonus for our on-going token sale until 26th July for everybody who holds MEDIA tokens.

If you’d like to ask Mike and the Quadrant team any additional questions, reach out to us on Telegram:

James: HI everyone please welcome Mike Davie | Quadrant Protocol to the AMA with Quadrant!

Mike: Hello everyone! Pleasure to be here with James and everyone. Look forward to the discussion!

James: We’ve been collecting questions — first up, in a very Kindergarten Cop style: Q: What does Quadrant Protocol do? What problems does it solve?

Mike: No worries. Always good to start at the beginning. Quadrant is a blockchain-based protocol that enables the access, creation, and distribution of data products and services with authenticity and provenance at its core.

James: Another softball. How does Quadrant work?

Mike: We see the data economy is similar to space; unmapped and chaotic. Quadrant serves as the blueprint that provides an organized system for the utilization of decentralized data.

James:I love this as a quote — having worked in the data space as well I can vouch for how unmapped this all is

Mike: Yes, when we look that the advertising space for example, there are so many difference sources of data, both deterministic and probabilistic that need to be gathered and collected to make sense of the environment.

James: By validating it via Quadrant, we can create a “token stack” where someone promoting content would feel safer serving a promoted link, because Quadrant vouched for the surrounding data than if it was “organic”, which these days can often mean fraud…. being very simple.

Mike: Yes, content producers would be able to stamp their content into Quadrant. That content, be it a writen article, photo or video could be verified now or years from now

Q from Anna Simmonds: What kinds of data does Quadrant work with? It sounds like you include media (e.g. photos) as data — does it also apply to e.g. analytical data?

Mike: We are data type agnostic. We have found over the years that commercial data holds many different forms and structures. We are building the protocol to handle cross industry use cases. That is exciting part, on where business will take the protocol and run with it.

A from Anna Simmonds: Love that — data agnostic. Data is indeed a very fluid term.

Q from Vivian: Hello everyone! I am very bullish on Quadrant Protocol! Can you tell us a little bit more about your partnership with the government of Singapore ?

Mike: Hi Vivian, our partnership with the government of Singapore is to commercialize AI and microservices on top of the protocol. Information can be found here.

James: Q: How does Quadrant Protocol authenticate data while protecting privacy?

Mike: When we stamp data into the chain, we take the hash along with the media data (what we call the data’s DNA) and put it into the chain. The actual data is stored off chain and can not be reverse engineered from the hash to divulge any personal data.

James: We’re big fans of the Quadrant partner map… two questions:

  1. How did you go about building such a great group of partners across the globe?
  2. Can we expect to see MEDIA Protocol on there repping the UK any time soon ;)?

Mike: 1) Building a global network was important to us and we took months to develop and work with these partners to ensure the longterm success of the project. 2) I think we can do something about that!

James: Coming from a project and regulatory angle @Mike_Davie what attracted you to Singapore and how have you found the experience?

Q from Meatosx: Where is all this data being stored? Is it cloud based? Physical data farm?

The data providers are able to select whichever is best suited from their data type and organization strategy. They could store on premise, but we see many of our partners using AWS storage these days. We have also partnered with Bluzelle to enable distributed database storage as an integrated solution.

James: We’re here at Korea Blockchain Week — and I’m pulling in guest questions. I’m going to hand the next couple of questions to the amazing Sukrit Khatri from Kenetic Capital
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James (CEO) and Sukrit Khatri from Kenetic Capital.

Q from Sukrit Khatri: Hi Mike! How do you bring governance into your ecosystem?

Mike: The data economy is very merky. Suppliers don’t know where their data goes while buyers don’t know the complete supply chain on where the data came from. By pulling off the shades, and making the supply chain more transparent, both actors are incentivized to work within the Quadrant ecosystem. Suppliers have more visibility to where their data goes and get compensated, while data consumers are able to trace the data back to the original source and ensure the provenance of the data

Q from Meatosx: So that data is stored by the providers and wherever it is stored you have access to that data by way of hash or some other identifier that is immediately accessible on that storage device?

Mike: Yes, the provider will select the storage type and then in the data smart contracts we will enable the access mechanism to the data feed

Q from Christiana: Hi there! What I find most interesting from Quadrant’s ecosystem are Elons. Can you tell us a little bit more and what’s the process of becoming one of them? We need to buy data from Quadrant ?

Mike: Elons are the innovators in the data economy; budding data scienists, corporate innovation labs, AI and machine learning start-ups. We will be building into the protocol a staking mechanism where these organizations will be able to get access to different tiers of data, to build and innovate new products and services.

James: Henry Lee from ICON asking you: How important is interpretability for your project?

Mike: Very. From our years of experience transacting data, we know one thing…. no one system rules all companies. Every organization will use different technologies to suit their business needs. We are building the protocol to ensure flexibility for our users

James: This is something that we are so in line with. Projects are going to shape the world, and the infrastructure can be as simple to move between as possible

Mike: Yes. We have just presented two weeks ago how our protocol could be used to spot deep-fake (AI altered media)Now this is the cover of Time:

Screenshot at Jul 30 15-35-49.png
By stamping images on creation, we could help identify when media has been altered prior to being published or consumed

James: So scary and so often these get manipulated

James (CEO), Sukrit (Kenetic Capital) and Henry Lee of ICON

Q from Djenny Floro: I see. Well, I joined because data are going to be a vital center point of our project.Oh, seems that I come at a great time, that’s a very interesting question!

Mike: This is going to be a huge problem. We can create basically CGI for the real world now… everything can be faked beyond recognition

Q from Djenny Floro: So what you put above is an image that has been created by an IA that is fake, is that so?

Mike: Yes, if you just create a fake and say it is real, then nothing we can do to help here (yet). What we can ensure is that if a company claims its data, says it is authentic then we can prove it back to the source, even after it is shared between dozens of in between parties

Q from Meatosx: The data you supply, is it refined data that is easily suited for AI companies to use for their machine learning process? Or does it still need to be categorized and refined for the process?

Mike: It will depend on the data supplier. Both refined and unrefined data are typically made available in the market. Both have their respective use cases where they are suited for

Meatosx: Thank you and great success in the future to you all.

Q from Matt Willington: Hey everybody! Sorry for couldn’t make it from the beginning, but I had the chance to read the always on point questions from James and the responses Mike has given so far. I just checked now and Quadrant hosts an ICO. I am a little bit confused with an announcement which claims that Quadrant is funded for more than five years. Can you please elaborate on this ?

Mike: Hey Matt, part of our governance was to vest the contribution over 5 years if we received more than $7M of contributions (which we did). This is to prevent the ‘go by a lambo’ attitude of some projects. Our motto is ‘let’s rock this, get the work done and ensure we have the runway to acheive what we set out to do’

Mike: Looks like we will wrap up here. Feel free to ping myself and Nikolaos Kostopoulos directly (or come to https://t.me/quadrantprotocol ) and we are happy to discuss!

James: For everyone who is part of our community — please say thanks to Mike. Here’s a link to his community , and there’ll be a special announcement for MEDIA Protocol Community members coming soon for Quadrant!

Screenshot at Jul 30 15-36-35.png

James from CMT, James (CEO), Sukrit (Kenetic), Dziugas (Eneba), and Ram

Mike: Thanks James for having us. Inline with your mission to reward readers of content, we are annoucing a 20% bonus for all Quadrant Protocol Public Sale supporters who contribute over 1ETH and have downloaded Crypto Catnip app! For more information on the sale, please go to quadrantprotocol.com

James: This has been a great AMA — Mike is on the East Coast of the US and we’re in Korea. Everyone have a great rest of the day and make sure to get involved with this amazing offer from Mike — 20% bonus for anyone who has downloaded CryptoCatnip and contributes more than 1 ETH to the amazing https://t.me/quadrantprotocol


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