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Qtum (Quantum) is an open source, decentralized project that aims to capitalize on the success of Bitcoin, while competing for the Decentralized Application (DAPP) and Smart Contract market.  Our goal is to work with industry partners, and launch the first Value Transfer Protocol (VTP).  This will streamline daily business routines, and allow for easier adoption. Qtum aims to become the first platform with Smart Contracts that execute as part of an Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO).

Qtum aims to bring a new ‘Value Transfer Protocol’ to the industry. Bitcoin has done a tremendous service to the commerce and finance industry by providing a means of value transfer, and we would like to expand on this momentum. We plan to support the Qtum Blockchain with Smart Contracts that allow users to control coins by taking advantage of various Internet Protocols.
One project that will be released as a working beta is SpringEmail, which uses a modified Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).  This allows users to send and receive Qtum as part of an e-mail.  We call this hybrid protocol “BiSMTP”.  This should lessen the learning curve for users interested in Qtum but do not have a wallet. 

unique SPECIFICATION : Compatible with bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems, olidity and EVM are used for developing blockchain applications.

QTUM Values

Qtum is a global project that aims to be the bridge between the Bitcoin and Ethereum communities, the real world and blockchain world.

Therefore it only makes sense that the Qtum team comes from both the Bitcoin and Ethereum communities as well traditional companies like Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, NASDAQ and more.

The Qtum Project is proud to be backed some of the most notable blockchain players, traditional Venture Capitalists, and executives from some of China’s largest technology companies.

the technical features of Qtum :

1. Ethereum Virtual Machine running on the Bitcoin UTXO model 

2. Compatibility layer for Ethereum Blockchain model, which allows for easy porting of existing Ethereum and Solidity contracts

3. Blackcoin's Proof Of Stake 3.0, which ensures efficiency and security

4. Ability to manage contracts from mobile wallets without running a full node

5. Most existing tools built for Bitcoin and some BIPs will continue to be compatible with Qtum blockchain

6. Oracles and datafeeds built on top of the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

behind the Qtum, team member :

Qtum core team comprises of several members, spanning the globe.  

  • Patrick Dai (China/Singapore) - Project Co-Founder
  • Neil Sakr (Morocco/China) - Chief Blockchain Architect / Co-Founder
  • Jordan Earls (USA) - Lead Developer / Co-Founder
  • Caspal (China) - Qtum Developer 
  • Qiyu (China) - Qtum Web developer
  • DJaen (Sweden) - Qtum Test developer
  • Time Markov (Macedonia)- Qtum Developer
  • Toni Markov (Macedonia)-Qtum Developer
  • Alex (Belarus)- Qtum Developer
  • Mike Palencia (China / Colombia) - Project Manager
  • Brett (Canada) - PR / Community
  • John Scianna (USA / China) -  PR / Press
  • Ibai Basabe(USA/China)-PhD Product Manager/Researcher
  • Emiliano (Argentina) - PhD Document Writer / Researcher
  • Carry Shen (China) - PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) process control

meet with Qtum Community :

social media link :

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