What is QTUM? Programmer explains.

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QTUM is a hybrid between Bitcoin and Ethereum. Recently, QTUM price has exploded and many of you guys are asking me about this project. Today we're going to discuss what QTUM is and how it bridges the gap between two different technologies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. We're also going to discuss a bit about threats and challenges QTUM is facing. Such as QTUM vs EOS vs Cardano. QTUM explained simply put.

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Thanks for sharing!

Wow - great summary of Qtum. Very helpful. I'm digging more into this project. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for giving a great overview of QTUM very helpful.

I was waiting for good explanation thanks @ivanli.

Love the "under the hood" explanation. Now I can address others that ask me about the functionality of blockchain and bitcoin in particular. Thank you sir!

Qtum could be a gold mine for people like yourself that have the ability to understand the technology. Great post!

Gonna check out your Qtum review now.

Wow i saw some of your videos on youtube and i never knew you were on steemit! Thank you for making all these videos explaining thins to newbies like me! :)

Excellent. Think I'd seen you around but now you have my attention. Followed and my first resteem.

Sangat baik artikel anda

Discovered you on Youtube recently and really appreciate your project. Have learned a lot and look forward to following your future posts.

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