Exodus 1.57.0: Qtum Mainnet Support Has Arrived

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Another two weeks, another densely-packed release 🙌

You’ve probably seen something about Qtum in this update. Its ERC20 cousin was certainly an interesting case-study for us. Before Qtum, most ERC20 tokens were simply just that, projects that ran on the Ethereum blockchain.

Then one fateful day in October, Qtum evolved from its ERC20 form through a mainnet swap. . . and we were left with a dilemma. How can we support an asset that suddenly turned completely different while still maintaining our rigorous standards for asset integration?

The Qtum mainnet swap was a valuable lesson for us. The many mainnet transitions that came after were also valuable lessons for us. While it won’t be possible to support an in-Exodus solution for every transitory ERC20 asset right from the start, we will definitely improve the experience for everyone who trusted us by storing these assets on our platform. It’s a promise 🙇

Now onto the 1.57.0 release!

Time For Ignition

Qtum has arrived into the Exodus wallet, complete with the abilities to send/receive/exchange. Welcome to your new home Qtum!

Qtum Receive.gif

What’s Private Stays Private

In the past, an asset’s private key export would send an unencrypted CSV file onto your desktop. This was a problem, especially for people who did not delete the file after use.


Your private keys will now be displayed as a pop-up for you to copy-paste at your pleasure. As always, please be careful with them!

While we’re on this topic, have a look at our full security guide: https://support.exodus.io/article/767-how-do-i-keep-my-money-safe

Safety First

When interacting with an Exodus Customer Support Engineer, they may sometimes ask you for something called the “Safe Report”. This report generates a view-only version of your wallet that can help them troubleshoot advanced problems with you.

Safe report.gif

In previous versions, you would need to go through multiple steps to export the Safe Report. Now, we added another export option in the “Help” section of the wallet 👍

Next Release: August 16th, 2018

And another release notes have come to a close. Please feel free to send us comments and suggestions on our Twitter and Facebook. We’d love to hear from you.

Don’t forget to also keep an eye on future updates and security patches on our releases page.

Can’t wait till the next one!

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And for you cool Exodians who stayed till the end

Fun Fact:

Have you heard about the Bullish Homing Pigeon technical pattern? Well, now you have.


What if one still has ERC Qtum within Exodus? Will you post how to convert those to mainnet? Or is that not possible?

Hi @viking747 this is an excellent question! You can currently still swap your Qtum ERC20 tokens on Gate.io as long as you access the internet from outside the U.S. This requires you to open an account on Gate.io, then send your Qtum ERC20 tokens there. You can then swap them for Qtum mainnet and then send them back to your Exodus wallet!

We have a guide on how to do the swap on Gate.io here: https://support.exodus.io/article/134-qtum-erc20-to-mainnet-token-swap

Let me know how it goes! - SM

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