Coin Syndicate - QTUM to launch satellite. Feburary 2nd.

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Early this morning QTUM's CEO, Patrick Dai, Posted in the Qtum official Telegram.

qtum sat 4.png

This is obviously a big deal as it will be the first Blockchain company to do so, nothing has been mentioned on twitter and no official post has been made.

qtum sat.png

There was a small dip at the time of the announcement, possibly unrelated but the price recovered quickly then decreased once again to it's current price.

qtum sat3.png

Notably the price for Qtum is still trading significantly higher across Korean exchanges.

With Korean exchanges producing over 70% of the trading volume at present.

qtum sat2.png

If the news about the launch is posted on major social media sites, I think we'll see more than just the satellite taking off.

I think we could see a new all time high and possibly a lot more.

This is obviously speculation, please do your own research before investing money.

Thanks for reading.

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QTUM's website.

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