Martin Buttrich - Circo Loco DC10 Ibiza - PERFECT for the Sunday Afternoon in the SUN (music and more inside)

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Martin Buttrich is an American from birth although his name sounds German. His musical career he started in Germany though, Berlin and Hannover to be exact. He is around already for some time and worked with big names in the industry from Timo Maas, to Luciano, Loco Dice and Marco Carola. Although I'm not a huge fan of his work, he has talent and can create an atmosphere on the dance floor that is as it should be, Great! I like to listen to him when he plays outdoor, under a roof of sun; Whether it is life at some festival, or open air club, or a recording while hanging out in the garden or at some roof top terrace somewhere public or at friends, enjoying a nice summer day.

Although Martin's sets has this typical Ibiza sound, this typical minimal-ish house tech house sound that for me can become very boring quickly, Martin is able - most of the time - to keep it interesting. Chapeau!

The set I selected for you is a recording from a show Martin played at the infamous club DC10 on Ibiza - my most favourite club on Ibiza! Obviously outdoors in the garden area of the club at a Circo Loco party! Where Else! :) Although at Soundcloud this set is labelled techno, I would call this more House or Tech House.

  • Artist: Martin Buttrich
  • Set: August 2016 @ DC10 Ibiza
  • Style: House / Tech House
  • Year: 2016

This set is perfect for the sunny afternoon we now experiencing in many parts of Europe. I also hope at other spots in the world you experience some great weathers, so take your boombox outside, together with some good bottle of wine and/or your favourite cocktails and hit the play button.

This recording also serves well at a nice after for those who went out and about to festivals and nightly afters and still not have the urge to go to bed :)

Martin Buttrich - recorded Set @ DC10 Ibiza (2016)


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Upvote!:) Nice post:) By the way did you know, that dragonflies have 6 legs but can't walkO_o

Thank you for your vote and comment! Hope you like the music!

Just checked your profile. Will you start posting music again? And are katiepelC and you the same? You so much look alike :)

This guy's a legend. Love His sets! 🙌🏼

Nice! You are DJ and producer I saw on your profile. Super! Enjoy this set!

Thanks. Have a good time listening!