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Mark Knopfler - the English Guitarist who founded The Dire Straits with his brother David - in the 70s - a very successful band back in the days - has also a very reputable and successful solo career. Although I loved the Dire Straits, I loved the solo works of Mark even more. He started his solo career by making soundtracks, with the first ever "Local Hero" released in 1983. A year later, he produced his second solo album "Cal", also a soundtrack.

  • Artist: Mark Knopfler
  • Album: Cal
  • Style: Soundtrack / Celtic / Folk Rock
  • Year: 1984

It is this album I listened to so many times throughout the years, I will be shocked when I would know the exact number. I started listening to this from CD. I had multiple copies of this CD to have it available everywhere. It was the album I had on my first ever PDA, a windows based system, late 90s it must have been. It was one of the first albums I searched for on TIDAL and Spotify. I'm not sure what it is, but Cal is able to make me happy and de-stressed at the same time in - almost - an instant. The movie I did see as well, but to be honest, I dont know a lot about it anymore, but the music I will never ever forget and will likely continue listening to for the rest of my life.

Almost 70 years of age by now, Mark is still releasing albums and touring with it; Mostly in the genre rock with his last three albums "Privateering" 2013, "Tracker" 2015 and "Altamira" 2016.

A Must Listen for Celtic and Ambient Music Fans

Mark Knopfler - Cal (1984)

play complete album here


Irish Boy
The Road
Waiting For Her
Irish Love
A Secret Place / Where Will You Go
Father And Son
Meeting Under The Trees
Potato Picking
In A Secret Place
Fear And Hatred
Love And Guilt
The Long Road

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Thank you for this @qsounds I was not aware of this album. I will be checking it out.

Interesting that MK did film soundtracks early in his career. This is a great way for young composers to start out. There are countless filmmakers out there looking for someone to make music for their indie films. Most filmmakers have to use canned (horrible) music for their productions. Not much money in it but it is a great opportunity. This also applies to local cable TV stations. They are always looking for original music for their local productions. Again, not much money in it, but it is a great way to build a resume and gain some excellent experience.

And hey, if it was good enough for Mark to do then it is good enough for me :)

Thanks again for your great post @qsounds


Well MK was already under way with Dire Straits for 8 to 10 years when he started soundtracking for some Irish movies. I guess he wanted to explore his none rock side.

Cool. Thanks :)

Nice post. Written with great enthusiasm.

Thanks you, I'm passionated about this guy and especially about this album. Also Local Hero I really like, his forst solo production. What you think of Cal?


Thanks :)

Knopfler has always had is own sound. His voice is unique and so is his guitar playing. I was into Dire Straits back in the day, but I've not kept up with his solo work. I'll have to check some out.

I really really live his guitar playing! I must say, I know MK early solo work, not so much his recent work, I think it is much more rock, while his early work is some other side of him. Many soundtracks, and movie like music. I love that part of MK really much.

Music and more in side what