HVOB - WONDERFUL MINIMALISTIC DEEP and MELANCHOLIC Techno-ish House-ish Sounds (music and more inside)

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HVOB, and Austrian electronic band from Vienna, amazed me from the moment I heard the first 5 minutes of a performance they where given at my most favourite music and art event Fusion festival in Germany. They had the closing slot at the main stage, an hour, between 23-24hrs. With Fusion's big and perfectly tuned sound system, their sounds where so crisp and clear and overwhelming, it was massive goosebumps time.

But even on other festivals I heard this band - eg Into the Woods in the Netherlands - with a good sounds system but crap tuning, HVOB is heaven to listen to.

HVOB consists of two members, Anna Müller who handles the vocal parts and keyboard and Paul R. Wallner who handles the drum machines, effects and other electronic elements of their tracks. Obviously, their performances are live, which adds to the magical experience.

Till now, they released a bunch of singles, and 3 full albums: "HVOB" (2013), "Trialog" (2015) and recently "Silk" (2017). It is the second album I share with you today, the album they were touring with when hearing HVOB for the first time.

  • Artist: HVOB
  • Album: Trialog
  • Style: House
  • Year: 2015

I certainly hope you hear the magic in HVOB album as well. Let me know what you think of them in a comment or any other way you like.

artist - set/album (year)

play full album here


Cool Melt
Tender Skin (DJ Tennis Remix; not on official album)
The Anxiety To Please (Scuba Remix; not on official album)
The Anxiety To Please
Clap Eyes
Turn A Rope Round Its Axis
Tender Skin

more Music

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Artist Website: click here

sources [1]


I listened him live at Istanbul/Indigo he's really a monster behind the dj mixer.

On is own, or in the formation as HVOB? Never heard him on his own DJing, didn't know he was doing that. Must add that to my list!

I've just been mesmerized for a full 6 minutes watching and listening to this. Really awesome track !! And great video, well done. Love the vocal.

Super! Click the link just below the video "play full album here" and you get a stream of all tracks on the album. You will no be disappointed :)

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