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Today I listened for the first time a set of Donato Dozzy - an Italian DJ and producers - recommended by one of my friends already more than a year ago!

I'm impressed, to say the least!

I really really really like what I hear. With my headphones on, I'm listening the more challenging part of the set as I'm writing this post. It didn't took me more than 30 minutes to realise this guy belongs to my selection of artists to follow (in this case to start following). And then it was just a split second for me to decide I shall write this post to introduce Donato to you.

Resident Advisor writes about this guy (source):

In recent years Donato Dozzy has emerged as one of the leading contemporary techno DJs. He has developed a strong following for his distinctive tripping, hypnotic take on techno music. Ignoring fads and trends, Dozzy's approach to electronic music – both as a DJ and as a producer – is based on a deep understanding of what has come before him. Being introduced to Disco, Italo, Reggae, Dub and other forms of electronic music at an early age, he first began exploring DJ'ing in 1983 under the mentorship of a DJ from Bari, called Maurizio Laurentaci. By the late 1980s he was discovering techno and acid with his friend Leo (now producing house music under the name Lerosa).


Since then, Dozzy has quickly developed as a producer and a DJ, since playing at many of the most important clubs around the world, such as Berghain and Fabric. He has become popular not only for his DJing, but also because of his distinctive productions: like his sets, they explore the trippier side of acid, techno and ambient. In 2008, after experimenting with his first label (Dozzy Records), he started Aquaplano, a label that has quickly gained a cult following for its limited pressings and high quality mix of ambient and techno. He has released on a wide range of other labels, including: Mental Groove, Curle, Time to Express, Mule, Further, and Prologue.

My advise: Hit the Play Button

Artist: Donato Dozzy
Set: Terraforma Secret Closing
Year: 2017
Country: Italy







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Thankyou!!! just checked this out!! Mighty fine stuff!!!

Super nice you like it; a combination between different styles, dub, drum/bass, techno and even some hardcore. Very refreshjing to hear this recording.

Yeah!! definitely very inspiring!!! Always very happy when I hear new music I like!!!

Super :)

Great music. Thank you for sharing this. I will definitely be checking out more from this musician.

You're Welcome, and wish a lot of searching and listening pleasure.

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Hey @cheetah, than you for passing by. Indeed, I copied some text from Resident Advisor, which I indicated in the post and provided the source for. Keep up the good work, but it would be great if you could learn yourself to distinct plagiarism from proper referencing like I did in my post. You may check the post on the URL you found, it is in the post!

Great post and music! It's always good to hear electronic musicians that color outside the lines of standardized labels and genres.

Thanks and Agree :)

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Hello, man! I have just listened to your tip and I must say, it is proper set! Thank you for that! :-)

Glad you enjoyed!