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When techno was still deep in the underground and I needed to travel up to 400 kilometers for a great night, I continuously was on the lookout for music supporting my friends an I to wind down from all the beats and energies of the party. Sade was always a favourite for me. And then Zero7 emerged! An UK based duo releasing their first album in 2001. This one became one of the albums I turned grey in my CD player.

  • Producer: Zero7 (Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker)
  • Album: Simple Things
  • Style: Downtempo
  • Year: 2001

Although 16 years old, I still have Zero7 and in particular their first album in the top of my favourite list. A perfect album to listen to when enjoying a sunny afternoon sipping a good glass of wine. Just try it! :)


Zero7 - Simple Things

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Thanks again for the tip. Never heard of them. Shows my ignorance :)

First seconds are very promising ...

I think they were never that big. A Swedish friend brought them to my attention back in the days. Enjoy listening!

Tnx. I do enjoy them.

Super! :)

I got lost when I was reading this post😂 when I saw "Zero7" I thought it was a new infinix Phone the I saw "Techno"(Tecno is brand of phone)....then I was like oh wow, edje is talking about Mobile phones until it hit me This Post is all about MUSIC😳. I need to learn more. Thanks for sharing. Now following

LOL! Great story :) Hope you like the music!

BTW on mobile phone front, you may like to read on Fairphone (NL), Wileyfox (UK), Blackview (China)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Woah, I've never heard of these before. Thanks a lot, will do check it out

They are all small brands, but they bring something unique. Fairphone is modular, very easy to replace parts; all these parts can be ordered with them directly. Wileyfox has some quality phones but affordable. The company is run by Western management and makes in interesting trade offs in design. Blackview is one of the so many Chinese brands, but have some interesting phones. Success.

Sadly, all these phones are not available in this region(Nigeria) unless one orders. I just checked the review on Wileyfox Swift 2X and I'm blown...looks pretry sleek with 3000mAh battery also. So many phones out there

100+ brands in the world, mostly from Chinese companies though. Wiko is another interesting one to look at. French/Chinese owned. Yes indeed, most new brands outside China and Chinese brands are to order online, they do not have a retail distributor, that reduces their cost therefore making their devices less expensive. Native Chinese manufacturers are not so good in after sales and support and have little repair centres. The European brands are better in that, they also provide OS upgrades, the Chinese brands usually not; But you see that in the prices as well, since the Chinese brands are the cheapest in the world :)

Oooh snap, I just realised not having a retail distributor...less expensive device. Very informative!

With Wileyfox you can order an additional screen and some repair set to repair screen yourself, if you like. Fairphone goes even a step further; they made a super super easy to replace a screen, but also other elements such as camera, motherboard; Fairphone also like to bring out new modules when technology becomes better (eg camera) and make is an upgradable item; This is their plans with Fairphone 2; Also Fairphone tries to make the world a better place by arranging for more fair way of getting to all the minerals they us in the smartphone; They already have a deal with a gold mine in Congo where they demanded better work conditions, as well as in their Chinese factories where they also demanded better work conditions; Reason that their phone is a bit more expensive.

nice pic

Thanks, the music included is even more nice! :)

I had this album, played it many times during my final year at university. I seem to remember track 3 being a goodie!

Track 3 is indeed super nice! Really love the whole album. In Downtempo so much was produced, but this one really stands out.

@edje, I'm a music lover. Will soon be working on my album. Nice music and pics. Resteemed this.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Super to read you work on an album. What style is yours?
Thanks for the resteem!

You are welcome @edje. I'm doing Gospel.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Totally something different than what I listen to, but must say, I can appreciate it really much. Success with your album! When you have snippets to share, looking forward hearing them.

Thanks for the good wishes.

Super ! Thanks for the good sounds

You're Welcome :)

Playing it now

You Like?

Very cool ! I am quite familiar with Zero7


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