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It is about this long ago I've been relaxing and chilling while listening to some very good music; About 20 to 25 days ago... Or did I read that wrong?

The story is this (in short): since a couple of months, I've been receiving emails stating that I will loose x amount of points on some loyalty program, in case I will not use them before a specific date. Last week, finally, I've been spending a couple of hours going through the product catalogues; Hundreds and hundreds of products available to choose from, is terrible :) In the end I decided to get this "Wake Up with the Sun" apparatus. It is a clock with an in time adjustable alarm function, like so many others clocks. However, the special thing this device does: it slowly ups the light as well as the alarm sound (singing birds) starting 30 minutes before actual alarm time. The idea is the light takes the function of the sun, slowly waking up the body with increase of light. Obviously, the 20:25 is time. It is the time right after installation, a few days ago.

One of the sets I was listening to yesterday (yep, that was when I was relaxing and chilling and listening good music) was one outstanding one by Rødhåd, the Berlin based DJ/Producer known for his deep, melancholic but powerful, from dubtechno to techno and back to house style.

Try to Beat That :)


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Artist: Rødhåd
Set: Radio One Essential Mix
Year: 2016
Country: Germany

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Rodhad is peak techno right now for me. Knows how to crush a main stage, but his more intimate sets are where he excels. Just a wonderful knack for sound design and mood. Love what he does.

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When I hear this guy, a smile covers my face, a good sign I really like what I hear :)

Good choice on the use of your points. No alarms needed at this stage of my life though, just recently retired. Listened to Rodhead, remindes me of my more youthful years gyrating to the electronic dance music. Back in the mid-to-late 1980s these beats were all the rage. The birth of techno took place in Detroit Michigan. Oh, the good old days. Really enjoyed.

Hahaha cool; Retirement means away with the clock; Looking fwd to that.

Yep, Detroit is the place of Techno and the stules developed there is most to my liking, in the 90s, 00s and still today :) BTW, never to old to still go to festivals and clubs; So nice to hear this music on massive speakers :)

Resteemed that great topic for dreaming and dancing.

Thanks :)

In two weeks Rodhad is going to play in my city but I have this strange feeling that I've already listened him live once but I can't remember when and where. And also still didn't check his last set from Awakenings so beside of this Essential Mix already well known and considered as his best mix I also have something to chill with :)

BTW Did you already overslept with this clock ? I threw away a similar one maybe a year ago :)

I think you shall check Rødhåd out; I missed him on a festival I was this spring, was sleeping at the time he played :( And next time I'm in Berlin at Berghain, he is not scheduled :((

I was afraid I would not here the clock, so I had my phone alarm (my normal alarm clock) on some minutes after my Sunny clock. But every single day, I woke up by the Sunny one. Strange is the fact that I felt more tired then usual; But that said, I also slept quite short hours last days. Need more time to test this Sun and see if it can be a good friend, or I should also find a new home for it :) You maybe? hahahaha