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Ever heard of Pantha Du Prince?

I discovered them just after the release of his second album "This Bliss".

WOW! What an album this is!

Goose bump time! Over and Over Again!

I can listen to this album several times in a row, and generally I have this in a loop while driving long distance like last weekend. I just can't get enough of it! The music is deep but melodic, minimal but lively!

  • Producer: Pantha Du Prince (real name: Hendrik Weber)
  • Album: This Bliss
  • Style: Techno/Minimal
  • Year: 2007

I recommend to listen the album from track 1 through to last track in order of playlist, although the tracks are not mixed together, the order is the perfect one to enjoy the music to the max. I added a bonus: a recent boiler room live performance that I really love and shows what this guy can do.

This Bliss (Album) - click here for entire playlist

Boiler Room Live Recording (2016)

More music and other resources of Pantha Du Prince.


--- sources [1][2]

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Nice One! :)

Interesting sound they have

You like it?

Yeah, it's cool. I'd prolly like it live.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

good HIFI or big and clean sound system would be fantastic! I know a festival and stage that would be perfect for this, Fusion Festival in Germany (no event this year, but next year they have their 21st edition) @ Tanzwüste stage...THE MOST PERFECT OUTDOOR SOUND I EVER HEARD

Yeah, I bet that would be great :) Almost a mini Pink Floyd

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Interesting comparison :)

A visual night impression of the stage; Couldn't find a photo with the sound system though; But it is Function 1 and that can be badly installed and tuned (that happens most of the time), but the inventor and owner of Function 1 apparently tunes this system at Fusion himself since this is one of his few baby projects.

Awesome :)


better than good :)