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Years after its original release I learned about the album E2-E4 produced by Manuel Göttsching. This guy started of in a psychedelic rock formation in the early 70s. By mid 70s Göttsching continued on his own in a different direction; an ambient, trancy, minimalistic electronic style with album releases "Inventions for Electric Guitar" (1975) and "New Age of Earth" (1976).

The album E2-E4 was a product of his work with an absolute unique story. After a show he did with Klaus Schulz in 1981, he ended up in his studio and decided to create an improvised piece of music and started fiddling with his sequence devices and playing the synthesizers. An hour later, playing without any interruptions, the recording was done. Only in 1984 E2-E4 album was released, supposedly without any modifications to the live studio recording done back in 1981. Even to Göttsching it is a mystery how this improvisation session came out so strong.

  • Producer: Manuel Göttsching
  • Album: E2-E4
  • Style: Ambient
  • Year: 1984

I was very positive surprised when hearing this album for the first time; Must have been late 90s; And my appreciation for this work increased even more when I was told the story how it was created. Göttsching is absolutely a great artist and producer!

Listen for yourself and let me know what you think of this work.


Manuel Göttsching - E2-E4


Great find! I've never heard of either Manuel Göttsching or the album. Sadly the voting period for your article is over now. Next time ;-)

I love this work from Manuel!

Top sounds you deliver and introduce

I try to :) Thank you!

Impressed my friend, sounds awesome even for my ears

The early Trance and Downtempo :)

I have to listen to some #Kraftwerk stuff again tonight

Such a great band! They are one of the founding fathers of what electronic dance is today IMHO. Many of the sounds in different genres they already produced in the 70s.

Love the back story, its amazing the freedom you can experience in improv sessions, and you really hear it in the recording, it somehow just sounds more real.