The Profound Implications Of This Simple Scenario

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Kiddos helping their best friend Shellie Smith do what many would consider “work” digging holes and pounding bamboo stakes we harvested from our land.



They are making a pathway boarder to protect some wildcrafted herbs.

Yet they are doing it because they want to and are even having fun doing it.


It’s because I allow them freedom to be instead of telling them what they have to and cannot so.


I dont have to offer bribes or threat consequences. This is actually play it’s just productive play.


Not only is it productive play but they are also learning real valuable life skills!


Yet it keeps getting bette, they are also getting stronger and healthier. Working their bodies, getting fresh air and grounded bare foot to earth connection!


The implications truly are profound.

All the worlds problems start with parenting thus all the solutions lie in new Paradigm Parenting~*~



Living life together so rich, pure and simple. Truly amazing on soooo many levels! Thanks for being you @qiqi-power!


Bless it be 💫🙏🏼💫


Purely sincere and closely attached to natural blessings from Mother Nature! Life is good around natural habitat.

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