Sustainable TP Rolls!

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QiQi is hoping by rolling toilet paper on two smaller individual rolls from one large one .

We have never once bought toilet paper but happen to find a huge role in the dumpster and so will give it purpose in life and put it to good use and give it a new life by composting it back into the land in such a disgrace in it by flushing it down the toilet.

Buying toilet paper truly is a horrible thing as the amount of destruction to the earth in the paper it’s made from to the processing in the factories to the packaging and the shipping the carbon footprint is massive .

There are literally acres of rainforest being destroyed every few minutes.


There are many alternatives to toilet paper and human consciousness must get to a level where sustainable and alternative solutions are prioritized .


Use paper or an old phone book or your hand and wash it afterwards you’re going to wash your hands anyway and with anything is better than buying toilet paper.



Such a good helper and gaining so much wisdom of the way the world truly presently works! She brings so much light to the world already--the beauty of her awareness will no doubt spread in benevolent ways. Great job showing her the truth about life @quinneaker.


Such a good helper!