QiQi Plays Dress Up & Goes On A Date!

in #qiqi-power2 years ago


QiQi loves to play and dress and is one of her favorite games.

This often gets even better as she combines singing and dancing into the mix.

This day she is dressing up boy and girl to go on a play date.

There is a lot to digest in that but ultimately she is using imagination to experience the depths of the human experience.



She has been dressing her self as well as picking her outfits since 2 years old. She is a true fasanista!



One of the many benefits of being unschooled, we can wear whatever whenever and no system of control and conformity to deal with.


She has also been making up songs and singing them since 2 and is possibly my favorite of her beautiful expressions to Witness.


Nurture and respect a child’s freedom and individual expression and extraordinary results will blossom.



What a fantastic life to witness!! @qiqi-power has high level design power for certain and it just oozes out of her so deliciously!