QiQi Loves These! Review Of No Frills Dills Pickles

in #qiqi-power2 years ago


The label and presentation are cool and fun and the ingredients are good. All natural simple ingredients.


It’s vegan gluten free and non gmo
So ticks a lot of the health food craze boxes.


The taste is great, fresh and simple but full of flavor.


The kids love em and are the entire jar in one sitting. A good healthy snack!


All in all I would highly recommend it if you buy these kinds of things.


I always prefer and am committed to homemade food but obviously plenty of people aren’t.

We make a lot of exciting pickles at @intothegardenofeden
I don’t like any disposables nor do I buy stuff at stores. I am reviewing this because it was donated and would otherwise be in the landfill.

If you do then please be sure to recycle or even better upcycle! Glass jars with lids are very very useful. Put em to use!


OH yeah----the @gardenofeden really does have some amazing pickles--but eating these with @qiqi-power is another opportunity at the top of my list!