Exploring the natural world and experimenting with natural boundaries

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As any Texan knows fire ants are pretty nasty. We have a lot of em here.


The kids are used to them and have a good sense of what is safe and also what the consequences are.

Here’s a link to a video of the kids playing with the fire ants.

As a parent I prefer to do as little telling the kids what to do or not to do. I like to let them experiment with their own boundaries and the world around them. This allows them to learn at a much deeper level from their actual experience vs being told.

It’s because I allow them freedom to be instead of telling them what they have to and cannot do that they are so competent and responsible.

While they learn they are also getting stronger and healthier. Working their bodies, getting fresh air and grounded bare foot to earth connection!

All the worlds problems start with parenting thus all the solutions lie in New Paradigm Parenting.



Most parents would be warning their children and demanding that they get away. It's so cool how these kids get to explore their own boundaries and decide for themselves what feels good and what doesn't. Already so empowered--I can only imagine where their powers will take them! Amazing example @quinneaker.