😇what do you want to see in the qFLUX weekly newsletter?😇

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i'm terrified that my relationship with my readers and listeners (i.e. you) is all thru third-party websites. instagram, medium, steemit, any of these sites could go down or otherwise become unusable at a moment's notice.

(steemit is a little better because its built on blockchain)

qflux logo from tutorial 1.png

squad goals: the mailing list.

one of my main goals in the second half of 2019 is to build up the quixotic flux email list.

reminder: quixotic flux media is a new experimental media company in raleigh, north carolina. i am the owner/operator.

quixotic flux as a media company is a Very Long Term Project that will take at least 5 years to see fruition of all my current ideas. who the fuck can predict what social media platforms will be popular in 2 years? IDK! email has worked mostly the same way for 40+ years now, and for 25ish years as a popular medium of communication.

the new town square

in this newly unfolding phase of digital communication, we must build our own platforms. it's clear there will never be a perfectly neutral "town square" of the internet. you gotta build your own square.

mailing lists are the classic way to stay in touch with your fans. we can be in touch directly, with ownership over our own data.

email is the closest thing we have to private, self-owned communication with each other.

one of my biggest regrets in my digital content creating career so far is not being idealistic enough. i could have said no to Facebook/etc long ago and built my own lists, but i wasn't sure if i could truly contact my fans directly. now i realize - of course i can! and that's what the fans want. i would rather have a mailing list to subcribe to than an instagram page to follow, if it was a brand/person i really wanted to hear from.

what do you want to see in the weekly newsletter?

but here's my question: what do you want to see in a weekly newsletter?

some ideas from my brain:

  • (Idea A) cutting edge creativity + wellness news (think scientific research, weird new technologies and inventions -- i find the legit stuff so you don't have to)
  • (Idea B) Shortform recommendations -- my favorite music, podcasts, books, drinks, etc from the prior week
  • (Idea C) lessons on creativity -- highly specific, actionable short essays on techniques to improve creativity. such as journaling, mindfulness, "day architecture" and other organizational strategies, psychological and motivational habits, etc etc

or maybe something else entirely?

on top of the "content" side, there will be occasional announcements about major new qFLUX content -- podcast episodes, new albums, new longform essays that i publish a few times a year...

it'll add up to about 5-6 emails per month of goodness, and i want those to be your favorite emails that you look forward to every single week.

so tell me... what do you want to see in the quixotic flux weekly newsletter? do any of my ideas (A, B, C) above sound good? what else should i do?

and if you want to subscribe in advance for this upcoming newsletter... the sign-up isn't officially open yet, but i will reserve a spot for you and guarantee you're one of the first to receive it. just message me your email address with a DM on Twitter or Instagram


Is this your post?
I'm asking because I just stumbled on it. I was wondering if you've changed your mind on anything in this post. I see you're posting again which is good.

Yup it is my post

my feelings have not changed too much honestly -- i still think the core idea of steem (come here and make money!) is not very honest, because you can't make much money here without paying for upvotes.

but i value the community here a lot and i do think steem has a lot of good things going for it. i'm posting here again because it is my "home" on the internet and i missed it. i kinda regret leaving, although i'm glad so many people have read that article (it's one of the top hits on google now for steem searches - crazy o_O) because i think it's a useful warning.

i still like steem, but now i'm trying to focus all of my energy on community, on learning, on having good conversations with people. thats what steem is about, to me

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