Uploading an html5 game on gamedistribution.com with a chromebook and a mac...

in qc •  5 months ago

I'm working with a chromebook (portable) and an old imac (mostly art).

Uploading a game on gamedistribution.com was kinda hard... Compressing the file on my chromebook wasn't working and there's no work around as far as i know.

On my mac the zip file wasn't ok for the upload but I've found a solution using the command box to set up the zip file directory. Here's the line in case someone needs it: zip -r foldername.zip .

Pretty proud of me

3 days ago I've tried to submit a Galactic Safari spinoff : The laser space massacre... who has been rejected.

I guessed the game was too dumb to be activated. I wanted to submit a smaller game once and then release THE game but I've found myself force to submit Galacti Safari. As soon as it gets activated I'll post an update.

I've almost forgotten, I'm working on another simple mobile game : You gotta send LOVE!!!

Oh boy they are so big!!

Well, I'm going to update this subject in the next post as well... Should be close to a beta version!!


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Nice to know that your a game developer ! We can't wait to see your projects !

Upvoted at 100% !

Are you HTML 5 game developer??
If you come to our site, You can get information about HTML 5 game platform. Thank you


ok, I've registered on the website and waiting for you guy to display some info for developers.