Another game is ready to play : YOU GOTTA TEXT LOVE

in qc •  4 months ago

I couldn't find the time to work as much as wanted on my games last week but I've finally managed to finish my new game and post it on itch :


I've made some change after a "play by play" review and the game is much better now.

I've also had another distributor, Cloud Games, interested in Galactic Safari. Unfortunately, the only plugin to integrate the API from CloudGames is on C2 (I'm using C3). About 3 or 4 years ago I was using C2 and even bought the personal license. The problem is that I was using different username, credit card and email when I bought the license. After several emails between me and the Scirra staff, I gave up and bought the license again. Too bad...

From now on I'll use C2 to create games and if C3 gets all the plugins that I need I'll switch back to it... or not cause I'll need to pay each year for using it and it's a one-time fee for C2.

Now I'm working on a real hyper casual game called Bullseye

It should be ready in a couple of days and I'll post some images in the next post.

And if you wonder how much I've made on GameDistribution so far... well... 0.02$ and not even 100 players hit the game... kinda disappointing. At least I thought the game would be played.

Good I'm not doing this for the money... for now!

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Thanks for sharing your games !

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