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Film Summary

So this is part 1 of this livestream breakdown of some information sent to me about Qanon, bots, Quinn Michaels, EtherSec, theGame23, Cicada 3301 and more.

Thanks to #Anonymous for the information!

Also thanks to the "White Rabbit" for tips on how to defeat Quinn's bot army, and all bot armies in fact, click here to #FollowTheWhiteRabbit: https://twitter.com/W4BB17

Here is the info from the email sent to me...


"This isn't everything i have but its a big start...

I started following Quinn Michaels last year on twitter. He's the first one that brought "Anonymous" who is innocent and is blaming for Pedo shit on the Dark Web with his Illuminati friends Jason Goodman. Quinn Micheals is behind Ethersec who is Cicada 3301 parading around as Anonymous when the real Anonymous is not them and getting blamed.. Cicada 3301 is behind Pedo Satanic Cabals on the web.. I followed the Cicada 3301's rabbit holes which goes into Soviet MKULTRA Programming=kstxi... KSTXI is behind MKULTRA programming for the sex cult NXIVM and also MKULTRA programming for "SLEEPER CELLS." These are the sleeper cells that Ethersec talks about in OPMONARCH. It's funny also how Quinn Michaels was the first person to bring up MEMEWarfare.. Cicada 3301 is MEMEWARFARE = KSTXI.. So, what does QAnon have to do with Cicada 3301, Quinn Michaels, Jason Goodman, and the Illuminati.....keep reading... Evidences below...

Quinn Michaels DoD MemeWarfare
Video Link

Quinn Michaels

Video Link


Project 89

The Game 23
The Game 23: Use social media to further propagate the ideas of the collective, and coordinate actions. Due to security reasons, some of these transmitted messages will by cryptic in nature.
Use CTF hashtags, or operation hashtags, in order to keep track of individual assignments.
Activation capture the flag on twitter and facebook : #ctf3333 this is the hashtag in use now for ctf : also use those hashtags :

#cicada3301 #adacic1033 #thegame23 #jailbreak and #ctf3333 #kstxi

• Project 89: Use social media to place subconscious triggers into the egregore consciousness of the internet.
These subconscious triggers will be activated at future dates to awaken sleeper cells.
Educate yourself on the psychological tactics of Project 89.

armada music : https://soundcloud.com/project89music/ep-001 (episode 1 : mod33:33)

facebook : https://facebook.com/project89/"

This is Just Part 1 - Part 2 Coming soon to a video platform near you.

Huge thanks to the Anon who sent this my way. I may name their handle in the second part if they agree to it.

Cheers everyone!

It's just information, you have to determine yourself what to believe.

Thanks for watching everyone, please see the links to contact me below:

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Nice post , good inform my friend . Thank you so much for your information @titusfrost

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