Who is Q Anon and Cicada 3301 - Post Defango Expose' Partay - DTUBE Upload

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DTUBE Film Summary

So I wanted to update all the information that I posted to the internetz about Q Anon and Cicada 3301 now that Defango did his expose.

So Cicada 3301 was created by Ian Murdock, Bruce C Clark Jr, and Thomas Schoenberger "Sophia Musik". Thomas is the one known as the "composer" and is a self proclaimed "Stargate Super Soldier" and notice I put quotes there because I never believed this remote viewing stuff as I said to them and to you all. However that is the claim. Supposedly Thomas wanted to sell the Q Anon / Cicada Puzzles to Hollywood and didn't want to share the wealth.

So Q Anon was created by Cicada 3301 Thomas, with Monty McGovern the Math Professor. They emailed Tracy Beanz way back when this whole Q Anon thing began and Defango has the email as he was living with Thomas at the time. So Tracy knows all this info about Cicada starting it and all that and has been lying the whole time, so have other people. Just as I said when I called this all out a long time ago.

I just want to say "I WAS RIGHT" about Q ANON, and you are all welcome. You also need to thank DEFANGO because he was right about all this and put himself in harms way to tell you all.

Links for more research for yourself:

Defango Video: Video

AIM4Truth Video: Video

My Who Is Q Anon video: Video

My STWT exposing Monty McGovern as Q Anon: https://www.bitchute.com/video/04qFhsDyZUI/

Run2Christ Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/RUN2CHRIST/

Illuminati Dualism: Video

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Highly rEsteemed!
What a great Gimmick... and by a SUPER Soldier no less.
One that still must sell his Soul for Paper.
They're all the same.


Thanks for sharing. This is upvoted and resteemed. I will send this link to a friend of mine who is a cult Q follower.

Very nice dtube channel
I like it this your post. I appreciate your valuable Post...@upvote and @resteemit done.

@titusfrost you can never be wrong!

Thank for your sharing information..i connect you

nice to find you. im gonna find your youtube and subscribe to that

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