QAnon Posting Last Night & Today

in qanon •  9 months ago
PostAnalysis news week next week is getting suicided next week address traces back to Virginia some are speculating that its JC (James Comey). Another Anon drove around a shady building in Chantilly that apparently the IP traces back to with a Digital Realty sign so it could be a cloud server are speculating Abu Dhabi and GWB and others are saying KLM and they're bringing Snowden back from a raid in China = Oval Office, thanking JFK for his sacrifice. Societies is missing an "e" so it reads socities leading some on to southern cities missing e letter of the alphabet or I think its for S sure maybe minus or hyphen or alluding to E missing from a S word airport maybe gate E5, I think they nabbed ES (Ed Snowden) in China the other day and are bringing him back on the dark web

It might be a stretch but I think "they" nabbed Ed Snowden the other day in China. Coupled with the death of John Perry Barlow that Q warned about... the is actually the opposite and a CIA front organization, left is right, up is down, etc. and the CIA is cleaning up.

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