Qategorical Qroma: Red Q ~ The Chan Habbening

in #qanon4 years ago

This is a general outline of how the Q A.R.G. Phenomenon started and an introduction to the series.
All the Qategories relate to a discord server I've set up that acts as an information dump.
You could also think of the server as the map for the video series, with the individual channels making up the Legend.

This is the discord, and it's an open invite to everyone.
Please feel free to pass it around and grab the materials:

Here's my SteemIt that gets updated sporadically.
I'm constantly bouncing around platforms so if I'm not in one place...
Follow the white rabbit to another tunnel.

Patreon for if you like my style and wanna help me not need to spend time on non-artistic adventures.

Or you’re more than welcome to send me stuff and I’ll make videos with ‘em.
I got some odd things on there, and I'll add specific requests. I'll spin anything.

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