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Some time ago I came across this ‘prophecy’ which, if I’m not mistaken, was originally posted on 4chan. Considering how much weight has been given anonymous posts of Q, that rationale suggests we take a look at this.

“It will happen when the weather cools.
That's when they'll make their move.
The plans laid long ago, before the founding of America, and older still, will come to fruition.
They're trying to force God's hand.
Watch for these signs:
Three branches will become one.
An island will drift away.
A killing bolt will shine in the night but will not kill.
The star will gorge itself on clay.
Idols will speak and move about.
The black flag will fly above the dome.
The belly of the dragon will drip water.
Two voices will call out in a silence that all will hear.
A rock will stand on seven hills.
The ravens will starve.
The bear will leave its cave forever.
The rod and the ring will strike.”

Now, in analyzing this I direct you to a post on reddit, which contained some pretty good ideas:

What's actually happened:
• Three branches of the government becoming one is a reference to all three branches of the United States government coming under control of the Republicans.
• An island drifting away seems to be an obvious reference to Brexit. (This prediction predates the Brexit referendum.)
• A killing bolt shining in the night but not killing is being seen as a reference to the recent strike on the Syrian base, seeing as how it happened in the night and no significant casualties were reported.
What's to come:
• The star gorging itself on clay is a possible reference to a future Israeli land grab. (The "star" being the Star of David and the clay being additional territory.
• Idols will speak and move about no one could really figure out. Possibly robots? Drones?
• The black flag in this prophecy is almost certainly the flag of ISIS. The Dome is theorized to be the Dome of the Rock in Israel. It could also be the Hagia Sophia. Possible terrorist attack in either of those places, probably as a reaction against the aforementioned Israeli landgrab.
• The dragon is theorized to be China. Leaking water seems to imply something happening in the South China Sea.
• The two voices people couldn't come to a conclusion about. It's possibly a reference to the Two Witnesses prophesied in the Book of Revelations. They're executed in Jerusalem and the entire world celebrates.
• Seven hills seems to be a reference to Rome. Seeing as how Peter is viewed as "the rock of the Church," it could mean there's a change in papal leadership and a more conservative pope comes to power.
• The ravens starving seems to be a reference to the Ravens of the Tower of London. It's said that if the ravens are ever lost or if they leave the tower, it will foresee the end of the royalty. Therefore, something will happen with the royalty.
• The bear leaving its cave is an obvious reference to Russia. Either something happens with Putin causing him to leave office or he "leaves" in the sense that he will go to war. Someone also mentioned that this could mean a bear in economic terms, which would foresee some sort of economic collapse.
• Rod and ring have been noted as references to the way primitive nuclear devices worked. This could be a general reference to nuclear war or to specifically some primitive nuclear device being used by some actor, possibly North Korea or ISIS. Also, the rod and the ring are seen as a reference to Assyria.


Some of these theories on how to interpret this ‘prophecy’ strike mas fairly accurate, however I would like to comment on a few points.

It will happen when the weather cools. That's when they'll make their move:
I can’t really argue with the concept of timeframe here. However, I think don’t think the timeframe would need to be limited to one year. I believe this prophecy is still playing out, but some of the signs have occurred. I always wonder, too, whether this cooling of the weather will be in the northern or southern hemisphere. Possibly both? Could this be bringing the cooling of the weather the prophecy speaks of?

The plans laid long ago, before the founding of America, and older still, will come to fruition.
They're trying to force God's hand:
Throughout the course of this discussion I had pointed out ‘centuries old’ (by their own admission) plans of The Protocols of Zion. I believe these plans are connected to a scheme significantly older than we can imagine, in connection to interdimensional/extraterrestrial forces, Annunaki, Nephilim, etc.

The star will gorge itself on clay:
I have already discussed how I expect a major conflict in the Middle East and for Israel to perform a massive land grab – this is about the creation of Eretz Israel, itself a plan laid long, long ago.

Two voices will call out in a silence that all will hear:
The connection the Reddit poster makes to the two witnesses in the Book of Revelations seems fairly accurate. I suspect that the two witnesses will be enemies of the State of Israel, enemies of the Zionists. They will likely be trying to expose something along the lines of what I am here, to defeat the State of Israel. Their execution in Jerusalem fits with that narrative in a modern context. I believe Trump will eventually be hailed as a savior of the Jewish people, as his actions as President so far massively benefit Israel and the Zionist agenda.

The ravens will starve:
Currently, many researchers claim, a major seat of power within the global Cabal is in London. I anticipate that this will change, with the new seat of power being in ‘Eretz Israel’. Therefore the idea of ‘London falling’, the ravens starving, fits into the scenario of such a shift in power.

The bear will leave its cave forever:
I do not subscribe to the Russia theory the Reddit poster mentions. I favor the economic theory. I think this is a reference to the bear market and economic collapse, which I’ve already discussed.

The rod and the ring will strike:
The idea of this relating to nuclear weapons doesn’t ring true for me. Specifically the Reddit poster discusses how rods and rings relate to ‘primitive’ nuclear weaponry. Well, why would primitive nukes be used now? It doesn’t make much sense to my thinking. After watching on the recent X Files episodes about the alien virus breaking out and wiping out much of humanity, I suddenly thought of this line – ‘the rod and ring will strike’ – and thought to myself ‘it’s about DNA, genetics’. Sure enough when I searched for ‘rod and ring + genetics’, I found that rods and rings are indeed a component of genetics.

Of Rings and Rods: Regulating Cohesin Entrapment of DNA to Generate Intra- and Intermolecular Tethers -http://journals.plos.org/plosgenetics/article?id=10.1371%2Fjournal.pgen.1006337

Organization and ordered expression of Caulobacter genes encoding flagellar basal body rod and ring proteins - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1474584

There’s probably a lot more information to found on this, I’m sure, and I invite anyone with more knowledge than I of scientific principles around genetics to research this and share findings, I haven’t looked too far into this aspect yet, but I will be. I can’t help feeling the rod and ring striking is some kind of change brought about to DNA. Or perhaps rods and rings in DNA represent some kind of a weakness, perhaps something that will make people vulnerable to a virus – as per the X Files. Presumably, the elite bloodlines with their greater genetic relationship to the extraterrestrials/Annunaki, etc. will be immune? I think the prophecy may be talking about the unleashing of a bioweapon designed to carry out a mass depopulation. Think – the Georgia Guidestones.

There's also the possibility that the rod could be a reference to secret technologies, something like the 'rod of God' space weapon discussed here - https://www.popsci.com/scitech/article/2004-06/rods-god

On the other hand, I think the reference to 'forcing God's hand' is about bringing about what is described in the Biblical Revelations and that it may tie in directly to the extraterrestrial/interdimensional reptilian manipulators of humanity over the centuries. It could be leading to a second (for Christians) or first (for Jews) coming, and that it will be the final stage in the Cabal's externalization of the hierarchy - bringing THE Cabal's true masters out into the open in the final take over of humanity. The Kingdom of these rulers will be 'Eretz Israel', or Greater Israel. Which is what the geopolitical machinations benefiting Israel seem to be leading to.

Wikileaks is all part of the externalization of the hierarchy, and Q Anon continues that process, whilst also distracting people with the details and influencing them to sit around and wait for justice to be served. But once the 'plans laid long ago' are brought to fruition and the new order established, along with Greater Israel, the total enslavement of humanity into the 'mark of the beast' total surveillance, smart grid, AI, technological prison will be in service to the hidden masters of the hidden hand, the false flag alien invasion that researchers in the field of ufology have been discussing for years will in fact be an actual invasion of the Reptilian manipulators (as David Icke has exposed for years) who will 'come into their Kingdom' in Eretz Israel.

I bring this prophecy up mostly out of curiosity. Have people seen it? What do they make of it? It warrants discussion, especially as it seems to allude to events which are happening, and ‘plans laid long ago’, both of which are the focus of this discussion.


Now, before I wrap this mother up with a conclusion, I would like to briefly discuss a biblical reference that Q Anon made.

On Jan 14 Q Anon made reference to Jeremiah 29:11. According to the bible I’m holding in my hand that reads:
"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end".

What might this be trying to tell us? Sounds good doesn't it? Let’s consider the Biblical context though.

"Jeremiah previously declared the divine prophecy that doomed the Israelites to exile in Babylon for 70 years. The Israelites viewed the prophecy as a hopeless proposition. As a result, they flocked to false prophets, including Hananiah, who prophesied that the exile would end in a shorter period of time. This situation led to Jeremiah's statement at verse 11 of chapter 29. The first part of the verse, "I know the plans I have for you, emphasizes that God had a set idea of what was going to happen to the Israelites in the coming years. Because the plans were set, the Israelites were incorrect to believe that the time of exile would be shortened. However, the second part of the verse, which states that these plans were "for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope," is included to remind the Israelites that the prophecy of exile was not a death sentence. God hoped the Israelites would not lose sight of their pending liberation from Babylon.”

What happened 70 years ago in 1948? - the creation of Israel. Now consider the long history of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by Israel. Israel, though officially a state since '48, seems to still consider itself 'in exile', not having fully 'come into its Kingdom', if you like "the Israelites were incorrect to believe that the time of exile would be shortened", they thought their 'exile' was over upon the declaration of the Israeli state in 1948, but it has taken longer to fully eradicate the Arabs living in the region & reclaim the so-called ‘promised land’ of ‘Eretz Israel’. The chapter that follows Jeremiah 29 is all about God showing Jeremiah the 'return of the Jews' from exile. I believe this Biblical reference, in a modern context, given what has been going on in the Middle East - the Jerusalem decision aggravating the Arab states ultimately providing the justification Israel needs (which is never much, to be fair) to finally defeat much of the Middle East nations and Arab peoples – speaks to the creation of 'Eretz Israel', the 'return of the Jews' to the ‘promised lands’, unencumbered by goyim presence, finally ‘coming into their Kingdom’ as the Protocols of Zion put it.


The omission of Zionists from Q Anon’s crosshairs is notable to me. People have tried to suggest that by targeting Rothschild, Q Anon is targeting Zionism. I’m afraid I don’t see it that way. I don’t even fully believe that the Rothschild’s will be brought to any kind of justice on the back of the Q Anon Narrative. In fact, I believe they are among the forces behind the Q Anon Narrative. Donald Trump is a Zionist, he is surrounded by Zionists, he has a long list of dodgy connections to globalists, Zionists, pedophiles, criminals. As David Icke said people who drain swamps, tend not to be those who have spent their lives swimming in them. Q Anon is a carefully designed psy-op to capture the focus of the truth community and direct it to certain facts and events which help bring about a purge of lower level players in the global Cabal, but leave the higher levels intact. Certain factions are being thrown to the wolves, but other factions seem to be very much in control. The Saudi purge has led to a consolidation of power by Zionists, both in the Middle East and the United States body politic.

The Q Anon Narrative distorts and inverts what I believe are obvious realities – the build up to war, the dire economic outlook, the continuing technological imprisonment of humanity. The changes that the Q Anon Cult claim are occurring do not quite have the ramifications they think they do – rather, that they’ve been told they do. It seems to me that the Rothschild’s and other Cabal networks are still very much in power. I’m a bit surprised that so many in the truth community are willing to take so much information at Q Anon’s word. Q Anon has created intellectual complacency. The followers of Q Anon remain so heavily (almost obsessively) focused on the codes and breadcrumbs that they’re not considering the historic evidence of conspirators who, so far, have not been addressed at all by the Q Anon drops. Perhaps in the coming weeks I will be proven wrong, but my gut is telling me repeatedly that Q Anon is the biggest bait and switch psy-op to date. I think people are being set up with false hopes and hero worship of a guy who, sorry, doesn’t deserve it. Q Anon is all about creating a narrative which comforts people, which gives the impression of ‘saviors’ freeing humanity from the enslaving plans of the elite. Orchestrated correlations between Q Anon posts, Donald Trump tweets, and real events are being held up as ‘proof’ that literally everything Q Anon says is ‘legit’. BULLSHIT.
What it proves is insider intel, and the coordination of events with the select information and indicators being circulated by Q Anon and their followers, which fit select facts into an alternate interpretation which supports the overall narrative.

The results of Q Anon on the truth community have been disastrous in my opinion. What it has done is create an elite class within that community. People who continue to engage in the wild goose chase of Q Anon look down on those who question it. I have witnessed people like myself, who question the Q Anon Narrative, being ridiculed, dismissed, even abused for doing so. They’ve been called sheep, asleep, and been told they are not paying attention. But paying attention in this scenario equates to obsessing over every question posed, ever correlation orchestrated, every timestamp and its implications. None of this means a fucking thing if Q Anon is playing us like a fiddle. Q Anon demonstrably fits the definition of a psychological operation, which means literally every aspect needs to be questioned. Any good psy-op, especially one which is directly communicated to its target audience, is going to provide vast amounts of truth, but it’s going to tell you how to think about, how to frame and contextualize that truth – which Q Anon is demonstrably doing. Therefore to hold up any one piece of true information, or accurate prediction (indicating involvement in the orchestration of events), or correlation between posts by Q Anon and the hero of the story, Donald Trump, is redundant. The orchestration of these events and correlations would be specifically designed to make you believe – that’s the whole point.

So what you have to do is consider the wider context. What information conflicts with the Q Anon narrative, because I see LOADS of information which deflates the narrative all to hell. On a daily basis the world is manipulated a little bit closer to war, a little bit closer to a grid of total surveillance over everything, a little bit closer to total control over information and access to it, a little bit closer to economic ruin, a little bit closer to a global coups d’état and the ushering in of the New World Order. Q Anon is an attempt to hijack the truth community, to focus their attention to certain outcomes which, with critical thought and consideration of the conflicting information, amounts to increased enslavement, not the end of it. If indeed any of the Q Anon narrative about the take down of the Cabal transpires, given the glaring omissions, I believe that it is going to amount not to a purge of corruption but to a purge of some corruption and the consolidation of power for the factions not being targeted but, by the day, being aided by the Trump administration to fulfill their long held agendas.

Q Anon has thrown the truth community a bone to gnaw on, while the final stages of the New World Order are prepared under the manipulated, misinterpreted guise of wish fulfillment. People are sitting around waiting for fucking Donald Trump to save them. Donald Trump couldn’t even save himself – that’s why Rothschild’s bailed him out when he was driving a casino out of business. It’s pretty damn hard to make a casino lose money – it’s a money making machine. Only an incompetent swine or a corrupt, criminal would be in danger of their casino going bust.

What the American public need to grasp is that their government is so absolutely and utterly corrupt that not one single president is going to change it. It requires the PEOPLE to take action. Most people in the America are either ignorant and oblivious to what is going on, in denial, or so feebly manipulated into division that they’re busy fighting and quibbling with each other over which ‘side’ is right. The only people who were paying attention and who needed to circulate the truth and bring people together, to mobilize them en masse to take down the government (including Donald Trump) in a TRUE people’s revolution are now sitting around discussing a psy-op telling them that they’re being saved by absolutely unproven forces, rather than taking the action that is needed. Nobody is going to save you – you need to save yourselves.

I genuinely hope that I’m wrong. If what Q Anon says is true, perhaps it would be great. Because it’s obvious to me by now that the American public, by and large, are completely fucking useless and they’re never going to wake up, rise up and fight for their freedom. They’re going to wait for their puppet leaders to do it for them. Well, while you wait, the New World Order is drawing its plans against you and convincing you through an elaborate psy-op, that they’re drawing their plans for you.

In an October 29 post, Q stated:
“Do you believe HRC, Soros, Obama etc have more power than Trump? Fantasy. Whoever controls the office of the Presidency controls this great land.”


Notice Q Anon never indicates WHO controls the office of the Presidency? Increasingly it is clear to me that this control is possessed by the Zionists.

Zionists = Rothschild = Satanists = ‘Satan’ = Interdimensional Reptilian entities.

That Q Anon is a psy-op is not up for debate in my opinion. By definition it is. The only thing that should be being debated is to what ends it is leading us. I’m hedging my bets it’s no reason to celebrate. Wake up before it’s too late.

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This was a great read! Even though I've been following Q all along I've had serious doubts gnawing at me the entire time. Thank you for articulating what I've been struggling to put into words. I believe this is a self serving "Plan" for whoever the source is. I'll keep reading the Q drops but I am definitely not blinded by them.