Marcus Garvey On the KKK

in qanon •  10 months ago

I just came across this. It's a startling quote from a man whose thinking I was unfamiliar with.

marcus garvey white nationalists.jpg

Marcus Garvey was a black nationalist. This, arguably, makes his position even more shocking, until one realises how he sees black America.

Liberalism and the welfare state has decimated black America. Whilst the right had accepted the need for a black American identity. If you doubt this take a look at Muhammad Ali talking about his time speaking at a KKK meeting. In contrast, the left has not stopped its relentless attack on black culture, families and values

And with the destruction of Christianity, the family and traditional morality, large swathes of black America have been largely reduced to passive handouts and poverty.

Now you understand the quote...

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Relevance: Often your worst enemy actually think their your friend
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I doubt if Garvey ever said this. You will need to provide credible source from which this words attributed to him were gotten.

There are millions of phantom quotes nowadays put in in the mouth of dead heroes and villain. The reason may be to make the quote go viral, to score cheap political point, to disrupt history, to ridicule a political or revolutionary figure or as a way of alternative fact. Garvey fought and died for African cause not only the black Americans. In fact, we can say he fought for the cause of the Third World nations. How can this quote be compatible with his life and labour for black emancipation, given the history of KKK and what they did to blacks? The world need to be weary of alternative facts.


Please understand that I'm not praising the KKK here. I'm lowering modern liberalism beneath them.

Did you take into account what I wrote about Muhammad Ali? By the 60s the Black Power movement had made an alliance with the KKK.

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