Almost 30k Sealed Indictments - Media Silent

in #qanon5 years ago

Here's a list of new sealed indictments currently unopened in the US for the last six months. 28,937 seems rather a lot, especially when we're told that 1k is a normal figure for twice that period.

sealed indictments.png

As Qanon repeatedly references them, and we've seen the MSM ignore or downplay the vast swathe of people trafficking and paedo gang arrests which have taken place under Trump.

So what is going on? Who is systematically and secretly being indicted out of the sphere of interest of the Trump hating media? Perhaps the following is relevant...

EO people trafficking.jpg


Media is the greatest tool used by our government.

Media was created to provide visual information about the happenings around us but now the media only provides controlled information.

Once a person/entity is seen as a threat to the muppeteer, strings are pulled and within a twinkle of an eye tables are turned.

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