Q Update: Roy Potter, "B", SGTReport, April LaJune, Tracy Beanz #QAnon #CBTS

in qanon •  2 years ago 

Another epic show today catching up on what has become the #QAnon YouTube soap opera. In today's show I go over all of the latest from your favorite QTubers, who now seem to be fighting amongst themselves. Roy Potter says it's time to stop with the f-ing puzzles and I couldn't agree more. Stay tuned until the end for some really great callers.

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I vote have you, do you want vote have me? 💰 🤑 https://steemit.com/food/@oguz147/10-shocking-facts-about-mcdonald-s


Great show Nathan, thanks to Doshi no doubt. I really enjoyed it, even w/ the crazy now breaking beyond 4chan/8chan -- q mushroom cloud, what? This is no joke however. Some really insightful & articulate callers too. Thanks, following & upvoting

Anytime you see a flag background or globe or a round earth map you are about to hear some bullshit. This guy seriously looks like an 80s actor like a minor character on the love boat or mash or the a team or something like that. Someone needs to find out this is the real puzzle that we need to solve.

I loved this show and the callers were great! Although such a serious topic, the creative humor it brings out in people is inspiring to me. What better way to change the world than not to take ourselves so seriously. Thanks Nathan, for calling it like you see it.