DTI News 4.20 - Govt. Admits Electronic Mind Control/QAnon/COMEY Downfall/WEINER's Laptop

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Today's Links:
X22 interview - https://bit.ly/2HkaUuP
McCabe's fate rests with Trump-appointed prosecutor - https://fxn.ws/2vuS170
Bizarre bug causes Amber Alert page and numerous other government domains to redirect visitors to PORN sites - https://dailym.ai/2HAFzrr
There IS a deep state says Comey: Fired FBI director says Trump is RIGHT - but 'unchangeable' FBI, CIA and military love American values and are NOT trying to bring down 'elected leadership' - https://dailym.ai/2vF4S71
Comey: If I could 'change time,' Anthony Weiner would never have 'been born' - https://bit.ly/2HC83kl
Washington State Fusion Center accidentally releases records on remote mind control - https://bit.ly/2qSuJ5M
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Hi Jordan, would you ever consider uploading your SSP.COM videos on D.Tube? I figured the blockchain-powered platforms offers much potential for reaching a wide audience while also getting the fair rewards, unlike Youtube. Just curious since the paywall is a little hefty for me personally. Otherwise, thank you for your hard work man. Peace!


The website is www.secretspaceprogram.com by the way.