Clif High - #QANON "Mind Virus" or "Staged Op" by the U.S. Military Intelligence Programs

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According to Clif High here on YT, QANON is a single person trained into the Military Intelligence which is clearly evident Clif says "QANON has been trained by the U.S. Military Intelligence with up to thirty plus years experience".
#QANON speak in a way that is familiar with Q's cohorts and potential new recruits (Military speak essentially) shortened verbiage like MilSec, OpSec etc. as well Q uses according to Clif cryptic's.
Robert Heinlein's book "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress" is referenced to as Clif speaks about a social order breaking down as the U.S. petro-dollar empire falls by the wayside.
Dr. Joseph Farrell is saying according to Clif, that QANON is a "staged Op", simply because you don't have to do anything, it spreads through the society by itself, Clif disagree's with this conclusion and explains his idea's on why he believes this conclusion is if fact the opposite, QANON's function and motivation IS to educate yourselvesQ-flames.jpg says Clif about the corrupt and socially engineered "society" we all live in, it's a construct to hold the masses in while the "elite" rule.
Clif's father was in Military Intellignce so he speaks with some authority on this subject and how thing's operate.
"It's like an iceberg in the harbor" Clif by the time the public sees the tip in the harbor it then rolls and it's massive size is truly revealed" the public would've like some prior knowledge NOT shock which would happen.
"SQUEEZE and SHOCK" are the two words which repeatedly show up in Clif's algorithm's and linguistics programs.
Clif talk's about DEW (directed energy weapons) as well and China who doesn't want to be pro-active, normally re-active will be very fast acting on this "North Korea" problem who'll be the first one's to will deal with Nth. Korea around the north American Spring maybe around May 2018.
@lifttheveil411 has an interesting take on QANON and his "Mind Virus" theory, I would suggest you have a look at Nathan's latest video and see for yourself, he's an intelligent & well mannered former Actor who has broken many stories wide open which is one of the reason's I watch his video's, keep going Nathan!!.
Heidi on Channel 27 did a great job in this interview with Clif and allowed Clif some time to go into his theories in great depth, well done.

1:14:00 of this video is where Clif discusses QANON

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