President Trump ALREADY MET With Kim Jong Un In The Forbidden City of China Back In November

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It has finally come out last night that Kim Jong Un has already agreed to President Trump's terms to nuclear disarmament on mainstream media. 4chan'ers posted in rejoice that it is said that Trump is expected to meet with Kim Jong Un by May. Q Anon stepped in and informed us that they have already met. Q then reposted the old picture from Air Force One flying over North Korea when Q stated "Boy the view is nice from up here." The photo was posted during President Trump's trip through Asia.

In addition, Q also stated that they met in China at the forbidden city, which may very well explain China's rejoiceful welcome of President Trump.
China Welcomes Trump.jpg

This also explains why Kim Jong Un's sister, Kim Yo Jong, took part in the Winter Olympics opening ceremonies in South Korea.
Kim Jong Sister.jpg

And why Vice President Mike Pence was spotted hanging out with Kim Yo Jong.Pench & Kim Jong Sister.jpg

Q goes on to mention that news about Iran is next. A 4chan'er responds, "Hope your negotiations with Mahmoud go well. Q replies, "Already resolved 11-11." 4chan'ers pondered whether this means, they plan to resolve this issue by this coming November, or was it done after President Trump's Asia trip.

I can recall an article I found earlier in the year that Mahmoud Ackmadinajad was arrested on January 7th. If the Daily Mail is a legitimate news outlet, it may seem as though it was already resolved.