QAnon real or not? Watch this short video to get you started

in qanon •  3 months ago

Have you heard of Qanon? Soon you will the MSM CNN etc will paint it a dangerous conspiracy it is not watch this short thirteen minute video for an introduction

this video (with my commentary)

or this one without

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"the arrests".
why haven't any of his claimed arrests and detainments or 2/3 of what he said occurred?

its a fun game. enjoy :-)

  • former Q believer.
    we all want to believe in Batman when we're kids.

we aren't thriving because we're materialistic.

we havent all loved each other for a while.

central banking is required unless you want to live in a commune.

if you arent happy with the state of the country, move bro.


also, 11/11 ? veterans day? of course we'll be back together.

families have been destroyed for 1000s of years

we need a CIA and an FBI. would you rather anarchy? you overestimate the goodness of people.


You are showing lack of knowledge the cia is responsible for most of the wars and chaos in the world, this information is open source, do you even know what MK ultra is? Do you know it was discussed in open session in congress in the 70's? Agreed the family has been destroyed ask yourself why?


many things q said have happened important things start with the Saudi purge was predicted look it up did you see Trump doing the Arabic sward dance? Its significant and has meaning. If you want more there are plenty, Oh im happy with the country I have waited my whole life for this time to come and now Im going to watch the show have some popcorn with me if you like.