#Qanon - MARCH MADNESS, Why Australia? Spirit Cooking and MUCH MORE! 03102018 Posts

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Q Posts for 3/10/18


Q Asks us to RE-READ Crumbs about Australia:

Q asks what did UK/AUS get for all that money? Putting the pieces together, now from this post, we can see what they got. DEALS, lucrative deals. See the links below that go over some of them.


Here is the link for this post to see the complete list of names: https://8ch.net//thestorm/res/7827.html#8107

Anon Analysis from Research Board: https://8ch.net/qresearch/index.html

Transcript of Trump/Turnbull Phone call: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/aug/04/full-transcript-of-trumps-phone-call-with-australian-prime-minister-malcolm-turnbull

Remember Trump and Turnbull were getting quite heated over the "refugee agreement" Obama had made with Australia before leaving office. This agreement states:


In addition to the donations to the CF, there is also the problem of human trafficking as well as radical Islamic jihadi's pouring into our country.

WE ARE NOT TO FOCUS ON THE TRANSCRIPT FOR THE PURPOSE OF TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT Q IS TRYING TO TELL US ABOUT AUSTRALIA. I only included the information for those who like to dig deep. In just a few posts later, Q will tell us to FOCUS ON WHY AUS? Not to focus on the transcripts.

Q team knew the transcripts were leaked, but asks us to foucs on WHY AUS? WHY? WHY?

We will skip post 911/612955 FOR NOW, and return to it in a moment.

Q confirms this is important, but still NOT THE FOCUS of WHY AUS?

Another ANON makes a statement about FIVE EYES, and Q confirms.

Skipping to Post 915/613143 to finish the string of AUSTRALIA Posts:

Q Asks the question, but ANONS are still DIGGING at this time for the answer to WHY AUSTRALIA? Any ideas?
My take: Has to do with Post #908

Here it is again:

Was the leaker (Bad actor) Signaling AUS and letting them know they knew, threatening them?

Probably alot about the occult behavior of bad actors involved, child trafficking, satanic ritual abuse, mkultra among many other dark things. This is the crux of it, in my humble opinion.

THIS COMPLETES THE POSTS REGARDING AUSTRALIA, now onto the posts we skipped along the way:

Q is reminding us about the military parade on 11:11. This deal will be completed and NK will be denuclearized by then and we will celebrate!


Planned Parenthood is NOT WHAT IT SEEMS!

Q's sense of humor is awesome, like "don't drop the soap" oh!! hahaha


Oh, thank GOD for this ANON asking this Question:

I won't have to argue this point, or explain this anymore! whew! PLEASE TAKE A STICKY NOTE ON THIS! LOL!

QAnon is telling us the when we see ES in a post it is ERIC SCHMIDT not EDWARD SNOWDEN

WHEWWWW! So glad that was cleared up and confirmed by Q~ Thanks ANON!

I know why they are saving Israel for last. Many reasons, here are a few:

  1. The topic of Israel is very delicate and must be handled correctly
  2. The truth will be hard to swollow for a lot of folks
  3. The public is NOT READY and will have to be prepped
  4. The History, the TRUE History has been wiped from the books.



AWW Man, stop teasin' Q~ Wonder who the heck it is?

Julian Assange?
Gen. Flynn?
UGHHH the suspense is killing us! LOL!
Cannot wait to know this!


Podesta/Huma Drops:

Think Disney Kids. Think Directors, Actors. BORN INTO THIS SATANIC mess. Lot to say about this topic. Too much to print here.

This is just 1 example of MANY:

Lionel Richie also adopted Nicole Ritche. Where is she today?

Here she is all MK Ultra'd up: Sex Kitten Programming, notice the symbolism of the cat pattern

And her One Eye Symbolism:


Link to the email: https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/15893

Podesta Art

Cohn was a pawn. They used the globalist to get information lol!

KEEP YOUR.......

Answer: lists of resignations up to date as warned in previous post:

All kinds of guesses on what the "N" means. Neocon, National, Northern, Nuclear

Q said think SUBSET of NAZI's = Rothchilds perhaps?



So having said that...

Q said we witnessed a strenght test. They promoted the speech on 8 chan to gague the response. The net slowed down, but they got this!

And the last post for March 10th, 2018 was from an anon about Nazi's etc, and Q said they went to deep and attempted a pull back...people not ready.


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we need to speak. message officialfuzzy on discord:

thank you for your time <3

Hey there, thank you so much for your report here. Is Corsi on Steemit? And Hollywood is full of creeps. And it is good that we can red pill people and show people how evil it is. And the trafficking can be seen in so many places. This post is good. It is good when we can share things like this with people. We need to be faithful and patient as we try to talk about these things more with those who may not know.

Hey I've watched alot of your stuff on yt, big fan, keep up the good work