Astro-Alert!! A thorny situation

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Sooooo, I just wanted to put out a quick post to share what I am seeing in the stars right now.

Mars-Saturn-Sun Tangle. Right now we have Mars moving into an exact conjunction with Saturn (Fri) while they both Square the Sun. This is not a happy picture. Yes there are other things going on in the sky and I'll get to them in a moment. But for now - this challenging square poses a conflict between action and control. I previously posted about how this Mercury Retro is activating the TRUTH WARRIORS of the world to speak out. And even for those who are already speaking, it is time to speak more fully, more deeply or about something even more important.

But right now this square that is activated can ignite aggression, control dramas and loss of reputation (for some who are being activated during this time). Potential actions of war or false flags are also highly possible. Right now the moon is stabilizing this pattern but in an hour it will be unstable and anything can happen in the next 24-72 hours. Also, by the 30th (Fri) Mercury Retrograde teams up with this pattern. I feel something big coming, and it should most likely involve a level of DISCLOSURE about secrets, lies and corruption as related to the Government (Pluto is in Capricorn working with Jupiter - in Secretive Scorpio - for the benefit of humanity).

Also, Venus is conjunct Uranus (also both in Aries) making sure to share her ideas and info far and wide. The tension here is palpable. And PUBLIC. The very next day (April 1 the day of the SACRED FOOL) Venus enters her own domain of TAURUS and suddenly deals with the MONEY, BANKS and RESOURCES. And for the next 3 weeks she HASHES OUT THE TERMS of a deal. Is it a deal with the Devil? We will have to wait and see.

Personally I do not think the economy is going to come to a grinding standstill over these weeks - but I do think the CRACKS in the wall will be there to see for all who are paying attention (Deutche Bank's bankruptcy is evidence of this). I think the timing of the current crumbling of our system is happening in waves that will shock through one arena and then another, mostly from June-September. For this reason it will not be visible to many people in the general public until maybe October. However, the events are there, and they are happening.

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